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Debconf 6, Day 3

  • 18th May, 2006 at 6:01 PM

Diving board
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

The Internet connectivity here is not so great, which is why I'm posting journal entries in batch mode. The fact that we have Internet here is fairly impressive, because of all the awesome people who have climbed up on roofs and things. Now, the resort does not supply Internet so people had to figure something out. There's an ISP and Internet café in town, but no physical link between them. So they've set up two antennas, one on the roof of the ISP, and we've got a wireless link. Then, they've strung switches and access points along the roofs of walkways to cover large parts of the resort with Internet connectivity.

Sadly, there's a lot of latency associated with this.

I went to talks for most of the day and was wandering around the HackLab at dinner time. I convinced ze_dinosaur, and then Agnieszka and David, to go out to a steakhouse in town. We walked out of the complex and back into Rincón del Viejo, where we all decided to order beef.

My filet mignon was huge and tender and juicy and flavourful. The vegetables on the side were insipid, but the beef was just marvellous. Other people had other steaks, which were equally as tasty. We stuffed ourselves silly and then waddled out of the restaurant.

There was some beer shopping done after dinner and I picked up of tuna. My companions thought I was crazy, but I thought it was brilliant.

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

After returning to the HackLab, we discovered that the Internet connectivity was being rejiggered to work better. So people were holding an impromptu dancing BOF, which looked quite fun. I found the wine and cheese BOF nearby and found a bit of room to eat some fancy cheeses. Some of them were very creamy, others very sharp, and still more which were deliciously pungent.

Eric and I left for our room, where I put some tuna in a bowl. We then took them out to a walkway where we had some kitten sightings. After a bit of hesitation, some little furballs realized that the bowl was full of delicious food.

I managed to get quite close to them and took as many photographs as I could. Their mother sat nearby, guarding them from predators, and keeping a watchful eye on me. There are four kittens in that litter and they are all so adorable. At one point, the orange kitten had his entire body in the bowl, to prevent everyone else from eating.

After they had stuffed themselves, they started playing happily. They chased each other around, bounced about, and climbed trees. Then, the two big ones decided to play wrestle all over the grass. We basically suffered from cute overload and spent a long time going, "Awww."


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19th May, 2006 08:14 (UTC)
Ahh! Cuteness! :)
25th May, 2006 21:00 (UTC)
Sometimes, the cuteness is just overwhelming.
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