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Debconf 6, Day 7

  • 27th May, 2006 at 2:54 AM

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

After the morning talks were over, ze_dinosaur and I decided that Saturday afternoon should be devoted to fun. We rounded up Jesus, Anabelle, Ben and Nattie. And then we set off for the water park.

You see, we were actually staying at a huge playground, except we never saw very much of it. Determined to see more, we hike over to the Tower, found the funicular and took a trip down. As we passed over a small wood, I instantly regretted leaving my camera at the hotel. I suppose, however, that I'd regret it more if my camera had taken a swim.

We arrived at the bottom and found a flock of geese. This is where I really wanted my camera, because the goslings were oh-so-adorable. Nattie got some photographs while the mother goose hissed furiously at her. We left, found the front gates of the water park, and were told that it was closed.

Well, we were quite disappointed. The others went back to the resort, but Ben, Nattie, and I refused to have our afternoon ruined. Instead, we found a washroom, got changed and waded off to the sulphur pools. There's a large spring underneath a big glass dome, which happens to spew out some rather foul smelling water. Much like rotten eggs, really. There, it fed into a series of swimming pools in which vacationers soaked.

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

We waded in to the very cold water and swam a while for a bit. We got used to the smell and temperature, and started having a marvellous time. Then we saw the waterfall. A man was standing beneath a small torrent of water, that beat about his neck and back. In order to stand in place, he hung on to a knotted rope which was tied to the retaining wall. After watching him for a bit, we three decided to give it a go. Swimming up to the fall was the most difficult part, then it was quite relaxing to have water pouring over you like that. I need a bathtub and shower like this, when I build a house.

Soon after, we went back to the resort where we dove in the pool and swam a bit. We managed to corrupt Tore's mind and scar him forever. Just then, we were kicked out by the lifeguards because it was 18:00. The air was still scalding and they closed the pool. What are these people thinking?

I took a nice shower and then a nap in the front lobby. Since lots of people were leaving on Sunday morning, this was the last night for them to party. So lots of people got quite drunk, including one poor fellow who passed out on the grass. I found a towel for him, so he wasn't so cold. Then, I took plenty of pictures of people, while simultaneously convincing them to wear hats. No really! There are many benefits to hats. And people look great when they have a hat on. I highly encourage you to get one yourself.

I stayed up very, very late. Until about 5:00. Then, Eric and I couldn't take it any more and we went to bed.