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A busy week

  • 1st Jun, 2006 at 12:58 AM

I've been wanting to tell you about the week I've had since I returned to Montréal. It's been ever so busy, I just haven't had any time to sit down and relax. Soon, I hope, soon.

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of seeing another play with dcoombs. Bye Bye Baby was such a terribly good show that I went downstairs afterwards, bought a copy of the script, and went around getting it signed. This was not a frequent occurance, I surmised, because the cast was awfully flattered.

Then on Saturday, I got to see an old friend whom I hadn't talked to for many years. As I do for all visitors, I let Montréal charm her with its charming streets and delectable food. Nobody has managed to resist my strategy yet.

Sunday was Museums Day which provided us with plenty of free entertainment. gorbash_dragon, kyotto, apenwarr, and I managed to get a lot of sightseeing done. I got a tan, and Avery got his annual sunburn. We ate some tasty food and then sat in various parks until the sun went down.

I went to the Fringe-for-all on Monday, which was spectacularly funny. I wish I remembered all the shows I wanted to go to, but I'm sure I'll just tag along with cpirate whose opinions are quite trustworthy.

On Tuesday, however, I regretted this outing, as I was struck down by a feverish humour. I spent all day hopped up on ibuprofin, laid upon my couch.

I'm a little better now. Yesterday, I went to Canonical's new office for the first time. It has promise, I think. But it needs some accessories. Like furniture.


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1st Jun, 2006 15:27 (UTC)
Bah, furniture.

You have wifi and it's plugged into a DSL line. There's air conditioning.

Bring a pillow and sit on it. =)
1st Jun, 2006 18:17 (UTC)
But I have wifi plugged into a DSL right here. And there's air conditioning.

But the bonus is the furniture!
1st Jun, 2006 17:27 (UTC)
Don't forget that, due to the time that the Fringe-for-all is scheduled, pretty much only local companies get to participate, which means the poor touring companies have to fight extra hard for an audience!
1st Jun, 2006 18:16 (UTC)
It's true. There were some people who drove in from Boston who were specifically praised. They had their full two minutes of glory, I tell you.
1st Jun, 2006 18:20 (UTC)
I wasn't able to participate in the Fringe-for-All last year because I wasn't in the city yet! I lost money in Montrel :(

There are a lot of Fringes that make it a point of having the Fringe-for-All the first day, or the day JUST before the festival so that ALL companies have an equal opportunity to participate.
2nd Jun, 2006 04:55 (UTC)
Yeah, that's terrible.

I think they do this so that reviewers get a chance to write about the Fringe before the acts all hit the streets. At least, that seems to be the case because of the row of reporters sitting up front, with their green folios stuffed with promotional materials.

We sat through about three hours of local acts, which means that if everyone got a chance to do their little gig, we'd be there all day!

Actually, that doesn't sound too bad for me. :P But others might object.
2nd Jun, 2006 01:01 (UTC)
random: i love that you always accent the e in Montréal.
2nd Jun, 2006 04:51 (UTC)
3rd Jun, 2006 08:11 (UTC)
Whoa, a Canonical office in Montreal? When did this happen? What purpose will it serve? Will it result in a faster way to get Debian CDs for Montrealers than ShipIt? ;)

Regards, Adam "Guspaz" Zey.
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