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  • 5th Jun, 2006 at 3:38 PM

FACIL's bulletin
Originally uploaded by magicfab.

The Ubuntu release party was a great success. I expected a few people to show up, maybe five or so, but instead we filled up a whole room of the café. Actually, people were so excited to attend that a good ten people had already shown up before I did.

I've got to work on this arriving-early thing.

At first, it looked like people wanted me to impose some structure on the event. But no, it was really just meant to be a party. Soon, people settled into chatting amongst themselves while I struggled to get some CDs burnt. By the next party I throw, I'll probably have pressed CDs, but Jeff lent me a laptop that had a CD writer in it. To keep people amused, I also handed out stickers from this roll that head-office sent me. Thanks Claire!

Fabián went around taking photographs, which is something I would have done if I had remembered to. My camera spent the whole time in my bag. Before I knew it, the sun was going down and I led the way to leaving.

When I returned home, I slept the sleep of the dead. This just capped an interesting, and very busy, first month working on Ubuntu.


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5th Jun, 2006 21:35 (UTC)
Aaah! I forgot about the release party! :(

Next time?
5th Jun, 2006 22:17 (UTC)
Next time. We'll have another one in October. :)
6th Jun, 2006 02:52 (UTC)
Stickers you say? I have never wanted any stickers more than I want some ubuntu stickers.

I hope they make them availble to us peons soon!

6th Jun, 2006 04:38 (UTC)
You can get some at the Ubuntu Cafépress shop.

You can also represent Ubuntu at a conference, and get a conference pack.
6th Jun, 2006 07:06 (UTC)
Simon! What's your email address?
I tried emailing you with info on your profile page but it didn't work!
6th Jun, 2006 15:06 (UTC)
The one on my profile page should work. I've been getting e-mail the whole time!
6th Jun, 2006 15:07 (UTC)
I tried and it didn't, but I'll try again...
6th Jun, 2006 15:13 (UTC)
oh, duh... my fault of course. I only had one l. oops. :P
8th Jun, 2006 20:10 (UTC)
I couldn't make it to the release party but nonetheless I'm running Dapper on my home PC. I've never used linux much before so I'm still learning a bunch of things but it seems like it's a good experience so far.
8th Jun, 2006 23:44 (UTC)
I'm very pleased to hear that your experience has been pleasant. Lots of people worked very hard to make it that way.

Happy hacking!
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