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On the Greyhound to Ottawa

  • 28th Jun, 2006 at 1:23 AM

I'm stuck in a bus, going forwards and backwards. Forwards and backwards.

There's a trailer attached to the back, and the bus driver doesn't know how to reverse with one attached. He just cannot get us out of this narrow little parking lot.

We're in the middle of nowhere, next to a truck garage. Forwards and backwards.

Oh great, now we're stuck in the dirt. Our wheels are spinning hopelessly, now that we're stuck in a rut. Look, he's walked off to try to get some help.

This isn't just a delay, it's travel hell. Hell is forwards and backwards. Forwards and backwards.



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28th Jun, 2006 14:20 (UTC)
OMG! Do you remember that horrible greyhound ride from UW to Montreal on Canada day!
28th Jun, 2006 14:21 (UTC)
Yes. This was worse.

I didn't have anyone to complain to.
28th Jun, 2006 14:24 (UTC)
Traveling by bus is an adventure. Adventures aren't supposed to be comfortable or predictable.

We're heading to Ottawa for Canada Day ourselves (by train, with hopefully little in the way of adventure) in a couple of days.
28th Jun, 2006 14:27 (UTC)
I'm going to miss you, as I'll be heading down to Toronto come Friday afternoon.
28th Jun, 2006 14:37 (UTC)
Whatcha doin' in our fine city?
28th Jun, 2006 14:41 (UTC)
I'm at a geek conference.
28th Jun, 2006 14:58 (UTC)
I'm jealous, I should have gone to that conference as well. I loved compilers in school.
28th Jun, 2006 14:59 (UTC)
There's still time to crash the party. It's only a two-hour drive.
28th Jun, 2006 15:04 (UTC)
are you at the scary greyhound pit stop / snack bar?

that place always creeped me out.

now i take the train.

oh! if you're still in town sunday: http://newmindspace.com/bubblebattle.php
28th Jun, 2006 15:10 (UTC)
I'm actually sitting in the Ottawa Congress Centre now. Listening to a talk on "Profiler drive transformations" in the GCC optimizer.

Geeky? Oh yes.

It's quite likely that I'll be in Toronto on Sunday! Shall we try to meet up?
28th Jun, 2006 15:45 (UTC)
sure! other than bubbles, i have no plans :)
29th Jun, 2006 15:32 (UTC)
Let's meet on Sunday afternoon and have lunch somewhere! We can then go to bubbles, which sounds like it would be a great time.

I'll let you pick the place, because you're a native to downtown Toronto.
30th Jun, 2006 15:31 (UTC)
sounds like a plan! there's a great italian place near nathan phillips square (where the bubbles will be). they have excellent panacotta (and non-dessert food too :) ).
30th Jun, 2006 18:36 (UTC)
Panacotta? I'm sold!
28th Jun, 2006 15:49 (UTC)
The train to ottawa costs about the same as the bus, so I'd always pick the train for comfort and convenience.
28th Jun, 2006 16:12 (UTC)
Typically, the bus is cheaper and delivers me close to the Congress Centre. Unlike the train station which is in the middle of nowhere. As well, the bus to Ottawa runs far more frequently.

I just had a terrible experience, which is something that's also quite possible to encounter while travelling on Via.
28th Jun, 2006 16:19 (UTC)
hrm. The bus cost me $60 last time and that's exactly what the train cost my mom who booked a trip in September. Also, the train station is right on the bus-line in Ottawa.

I've never had a bad experience with the via train trips, only with a bad via employee who was extremely rude to me.
28th Jun, 2006 16:24 (UTC)
I've had a derailing before, which is just as bad as being stuck in a parking lot.
28th Jun, 2006 16:10 (UTC)
i don't know if i will be able to meet with you tonight because i will probably pass out some time in the early evening due to this strange flu i am fighting! :(
28th Jun, 2006 16:10 (UTC)
Oh ick. I hope you feel better soon.
28th Jun, 2006 16:53 (UTC)
meee too. on a brighter note, i had some waldorf salad for lunch today (your recipe) and it was good. i think next time i am going to use yogurt instead of mayo though. maybe.
28th Jun, 2006 17:32 (UTC)
You should use full-fat yoghurt, if you make the substitute. It's the fat that balances the tart. If you use yoghurt, you're not going to have the same mouthfeel.

If you want to ingest less fat, use just enough mayonnaise to thinly coat everything. That's as much dressing as you really need.
28th Jun, 2006 18:38 (UTC)
Now, if you stayed in Montreal this kind of thing wouldn't happen.

Incidentally, when I said we were seeing too much of each other I didn't mean you should embark on perpetual travels. Come be the 11th person I've invited to Joe's new balcony to watch the fireworks without his knowledge.

Oh and nothing beats a 8 hour ride from Montreal to NYC with people constantly accusing everyone else of coughing on them because they're black.

Come back sooooooon.
28th Jun, 2006 18:58 (UTC)
When is this fireworks thing? I think I'll be back early next month.

I didn't mean to become a citizen of the world. It just happened!
28th Jun, 2006 19:06 (UTC)
Fireworks are as follows:

Argentina, Sunday July 2nd
South Africa, Saturday July 8th
Portugal, Wednesday July 12th
Canada, Saturday July 15th
USA, Wednesday July 19th
France, Saturday July 22nd
Australia, Wedneday July 26th
Final show, Saturday July 29th
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