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  • 5th Jul, 2006 at 6:05 PM

The French have just beat the Portuguese.

How do I know? Not because of some on-line article. Oh no. It's because of the honking of horns and chanting outside my window. Cars are driving past and there are crowds of people whistling and crowding St-Laurent. Someone with a trumpet is playing "Olé, olé". I can hear it from my desk.

I live in a Portugese neighbourhood, of course.


6th Jul, 2006 03:19 (UTC)
Idem for the Italy-Germany overtime thriller.

In fact, for the France-Portugal game, I was "watching" the game at workplace, sans Flash, so by increments of 1" on the extended stats game page. But I knew exactly when the game finished when the occupants of the upper floors started getting off their chairs all at once, as transmitted through converted factory floors. They're a French company, of course. :D

Hmm, anyways, from the perspective of Ubuntu, what's the take on not having a very mainstream file format not supported b/c the plugin is non-free (I think that's why you don't include it in the base install?)? What's the state of Gnash? (Actually, shame on me, b/c it's a i386 install there, and I haven't actually tried installing it, yet.)
6th Jul, 2006 14:07 (UTC)
The simple answer is that Ubuntu isn't allowed to ship Macromedia's flash player.

I don't know much about Gnash. It still seems fairly experimental, but that's just my impression.
7th Jul, 2006 01:13 (UTC)
That's what EasyUbuntu and Automatix are for.
8th Jul, 2006 03:08 (UTC)
Cool, thanks both of you for the heads up!