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Canada Day

  • 6th Jul, 2004 at 7:53 PM

Canada Day weekend was quite busy.

My parents came down to visit, and they stayed for four days. They showed up on Canada Day, and we drove around the city taking photographs. Then we drove downtown in an attempt to see the fireworks. This proved to be a big mistake, mostly because of the volume of traffic and bad map reading skills. But we did make it to an overpass near the habourfront, so we got to see a good chunk of the display.

I spent Friday at work, and the hacking was good. But most people were just goofing off, so it was difficult to be productive.

Saturday was taken up with going to the Jardin botanique de Montréal. My mom really enjoyed the Chinese gardens, and we had a fun stroll through the place. Also, we had Stanley and his girlfriend Cherie come along­; Stanley is the son of one of my parent's old high-school friends. After walking for most of the day, we decided to head to 新同樂 where we had dinner.

By Sunday afternoon, my parents were on their way home. It was a busy weekend, but it seemed to turn out well.