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  • 9th Jul, 2006 at 1:37 AM

No, no, no, no, no!

I'm starting to forget the stories that I'm meaning to tell you. What does it mean when life is so busy that you can no longer write about it?


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9th Jul, 2006 06:02 (UTC)
It means you need to carry around and constantly use a voice recorder?
9th Jul, 2006 15:32 (UTC)
I thought about that. But then I realized that I'd have to listen to life twice and I don't even have time enough for one life!
9th Jul, 2006 06:36 (UTC)
It means you have a full and interesting life, with little time left for navel gazing. It's a blessing, not a curse.
9th Jul, 2006 06:54 (UTC)
And thus, the long blanks in my own journal.
9th Jul, 2006 07:24 (UTC)
I've had those moments too. After about a week of it, I try to at least dash off a quick anecdote if I can possibly manage, but sometimes the larger stories do fall through the cracks. It's simultaneously good (happy full life for you!) and a bit of a shame (for your loyal readers). But we won't perish or anything; hope you are having many joyful adventures!
9th Jul, 2006 14:14 (UTC)
Um, does it mean that you should do something low-tech but refined, like acquire a moleskine and get reacquainted with a pencil? Then you could become one of those hipsters always scribbling in a notebook on the métro. You may even get confused for a starving artist!
9th Jul, 2006 16:12 (UTC)
I've already got a notebook and a pen. People sometimes wonder what I'm writing, and I'm happy to tell them.
9th Jul, 2006 16:15 (UTC)
Problem solved, then? I'm forever leaving myself notes to jog my memory.
9th Jul, 2006 19:01 (UTC)
Not really. I forget the details so it's difficult to reconstruct the mood. Taking notes on paper isn't quite the same as writing a journal entry.
9th Jul, 2006 17:04 (UTC)
Or you could geek completely out and buy some sort of PDA and blog while you're on the metro. I know a guy (well, met once would be more accurate) who does this in Toronto and is famous for frequently missing his stop because he's engrossed in conversation on IRC.

Doesn't really seem like a "Simon" thing to do though, I must admit :)
9th Jul, 2006 19:01 (UTC)
I used to have a PDA, but I've found that my notebook works a lot better. I think it has to do with use cases. You just can't write very well on a PDA.
9th Jul, 2006 19:08 (UTC)
Yeah, portability vs. usefulness. I don't carry a PDA anymore either. But the other advantage of modern PDAs is that they can connect to the Internet via cell (GPRS or CDMA) networks, which is usually too expensive and annoying with a laptop.

BTW I've moved now, so let me know if you're doing / know of anything interesting (concerts, events involving food or alcohol, etc...)
9th Jul, 2006 19:16 (UTC)
Aren't cell networks too expensive in North America to do this effectively. They charge you way too much per kilobyte. Far more than if you were sending voice traffic.

As for doing stuff, I think we should definitely do that. How about you come to Hurley's on Friday at 18:00. There's a party going on then.
10th Jul, 2006 19:41 (UTC)
I haven't looked into this personally, but you can get unlimited/etc. plans. For some reason they seem to be much cheaper for PDA-like devices than for laptops (probably because laptops will likely use more...)

Most mid-level and higher bureaucrats in Ottawa seem to have Blackberries, for example, so they must be fairly cheap to run - the federal government is not exactly known for lavishing its employees with perks, unless you're very high up.

Aside from that, see you on Friday!
9th Jul, 2006 19:59 (UTC)
phone posts? I've thought of doing this as well, but I'm too lazy to set it up....
9th Jul, 2006 23:15 (UTC)
One of the advantages to writing is the ability to compose and edit at your leisure. I suppose that's why it takes me so long to write entries.
10th Jul, 2006 00:28 (UTC)
LIFE, as an Ephemeral moment. Whether it’s One day or a Thousand years - ultimately it’s still the same "Eternal Moment".
10th Jul, 2006 14:33 (UTC)
Ive added you! *blush*
10th Jul, 2006 14:40 (UTC)
Blushing? But why?
10th Jul, 2006 14:46 (UTC)
Cause im shy... hehe
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