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  • 11th Jul, 2004 at 2:55 PM

Wow! A weekend that's finally relaxing.

Yesterday, Julie and I went about shopping for groceries and things. I picked up assorted dried fruit and nuts, and will attempt to make muesli later this week. Then we went to Mark and Usha's place for dinner. They made this great tabbouleh and then a really great stew with couscous. Yum! I got the recipe for Usha's stew off of her, and I'll try to make the same at home.

Today, I've spent all morning closing bugs in Debian. I made a new release of finger-ldap that fixed some minor issues. And I've fixed up some packaging stuff.

Now I'm getting chores done about the house. With any luck, the place will be fairly clean at the end of the day, and I'll have a nice clean house to live in again.


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11th Jul, 2004 19:45 (UTC)
A clean place to live, for a day ;)

-- Jim
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