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You missed out

  • 2nd Aug, 2006 at 11:44 PM

Lemon cookies
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

For those who didn't come, you missed out.

On stories. About babies and cereal and dentists and life. Shouldn't you have been here?

Yes. No matter how late, we would have welcomed you with open arms. And cookies.

vierge_en_trop has photographs that would make you green with jealousy. I just know it.


3rd Aug, 2006 05:27 (UTC)
I didn't miss out. Reading Stephenson out loud is harder than it looks.
3rd Aug, 2006 05:31 (UTC)
Not as hard as slam poetry about porn. You need practise for that.
3rd Aug, 2006 05:49 (UTC)
Your practice paid off, I chuckled heartily.