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Two cups

  • 5th Aug, 2006 at 11:24 PM

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Last night, I had dilu_rss over, with whom I basically haven't talked to in over two years. This might have been a problem, if we didn't have quite as much to talk about. But we spent hours, six hours, having a wonderful conversation. I haven't done that in years, either.

We drank tea, took photographs, and pondered deep mysteries. I don't get to do that enough these days. These days, I'm far more superficial than I used to be, but my accursed wisdom pops up insistently and often. It was cleansing to actually put it to good use. I think we were both enlightened.

And I was inspired to do close-up photography again. I just have to find some way to make them look unlike stock photos. I abhor that.


6th Aug, 2006 17:46 (UTC)