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Another visitor

  • 16th Aug, 2006 at 7:15 PM

Rachelle and Zoomonkey
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

girlintheclouds has been visiting Montréal since Monday. She's been going about town exploring the various sights and eating the various foods.

I've been quite busy with work, but still I've been able to partake in various vegan delights. If I'm not careful, I'll fall in love with this city's restaurants again. And that would be a shame.

I'm leaving for Germany on Saturday. This will mark the end of my relaxing stay in Montréal as I go on various trips to various cities. It seems that I fail at staying in one place for a month. Alas, alack.

I'm making up for this terrible failing by performing senseless acts of random kindness. Have you?


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17th Aug, 2006 01:50 (UTC)
I like the Ximian! Gosh I miss those.
17th Aug, 2006 01:59 (UTC)
Those are collectors items now, I suppose. But I don't think this was a free software monkey.
(Deleted comment)
17th Aug, 2006 06:13 (UTC)
17th Aug, 2006 04:54 (UTC)
I see smar is in town. Why don't the three of us (at least) have dinner tomorrow or Friday, before you leave?
17th Aug, 2006 05:10 (UTC)
My calendar is super-duper crazy full. I can only meet for lunch. Can we arrange that?
17th Aug, 2006 14:55 (UTC)
Possibly. It'd have to be downtown, though - my office is right beside NITI. (Hmm, maybe we should invite some NITI folks.)
17th Aug, 2006 15:21 (UTC)
That's a good plan. Were you hoping to do this today? Call me when you know.
17th Aug, 2006 15:48 (UTC)
Actually, better make it tomorrow - I got in to work late today, so I'll be eating at my desk. I'll send mail to the NITI group, see if anyone else wants to come.
17th Aug, 2006 15:30 (UTC)
Does it bother you a lot that you are constantly on the go?

At this point, I feel so stagnant that I've been in the same place for awhile. I've got itchy feet and I think I would love a career that would allow me to travel. My problem is that I can't be satiated with short trips either although I need to learn. Also I'm not sure what I can do and who knows maybe I would hate constant travel. Frequent travel would be good though!

Your posts are making me long for Montreal.

I like to think I do random nice things daily but don't really think of them as such. I have to say though it is nice to make people happy. Possibly one of the best feelings.
17th Aug, 2006 16:04 (UTC)
I think it bothers me a bit. I find that the act of travelling, the going from one place to another, is exhausting. I don't mind being in different places, I just wish I could pop over there instantly.

My posts make me long for Montréal. I do love the city and I don't get to spend enough time here.
17th Aug, 2006 17:15 (UTC)
I meant to say this earlier, but I really like the pose / facial expression in the photo. Was this candid or can she do that on demand?
17th Aug, 2006 17:38 (UTC)
That was candid. But she's a talented actress, so she might be able to reproduce it.
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