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  • 16th Aug, 2006 at 9:59 PM

Do you know what's great about summer?

Sitting in a bar on St-Laurent, watching the sun go down.

And then your favourite bluegrass singer goes whizzing by on her bike, smiling and waving to you.


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17th Aug, 2006 02:13 (UTC)
Are you still having a BBQ this week? I guess that leaves tomorrow if so :)
17th Aug, 2006 02:15 (UTC)
It looks unlikely. Sorry.

I suppose I'll have to have one when I get back. It'll be easier to prepare for it then. Things are just too rushed now.
17th Aug, 2006 02:19 (UTC)
's what I figured.. no worries - it's good not to be rushed :)

When are you getting back? It's about time I had a housewarming but I'll be away for the next 2 weekends, and others seem to be away too.
17th Aug, 2006 02:42 (UTC)
Well, if that's true, then the first weekend we'll meet up is 16 September.
17th Aug, 2006 03:09 (UTC)
Hopefully I'll see you before then!

Housewarming is tentatively Saturday, 16 September then. I'll post something on my journal once I've had a chance to talk with more people.
17th Aug, 2006 03:01 (UTC)
Angel on a bike :)
17th Aug, 2006 03:03 (UTC)
It's true!
(Deleted comment)
17th Aug, 2006 14:19 (UTC)
Le sigh.

Maybe November?
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