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House concert

  • 18th Aug, 2006 at 7:31 PM

Candle and marbles
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Last night, I went to a house concert thrown by rottenfruit. I brought along girlintheclouds because I thought she'd be excited to see a bunch of musicians jamming together.

Every time I go to house concerts, I really enjoy myself. I think it has to do with the intimacy. You don't need microphones or stage lights or anything. It's just people in a room entertaining one another. And it's great!

We arrived a tad late, enough to miss You and Me. But I did pick up their little two-dollar mini CD. I heard Elizabeth Bruce, Shane Watt, and The spare limb of Natalie Portland. Plus I got to indulge in some excellent cake and shortbread.

Man, I should go to these things more often.


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19th Aug, 2006 18:56 (UTC)
Thanks for coming! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
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