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Sitting in Dorval

  • 19th Aug, 2006 at 6:12 PM

Whoops! I missed my flight.

I'm sitting in the aeroport waiting for a standby. With any luck, I'll be able to make it to Wiesbaden for supper. That trip shall be interesting whether I make it or not.

I'm also using the Internet, which they will kindly charge me to use. If only it were so simple. I had a lot of trouble actually paying for the service. But eventually, I convinced things to work. (Hint to network administrators: an MTU of 64 bytes is too small.)


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19th Aug, 2006 22:35 (UTC)
MTU of 64?

I wonder if that's designed to defeat DNS tunnels... because I totally have my laptop set up to do that if I'm in a pinch.
19th Aug, 2006 23:31 (UTC)
Well, that's what the DHCP server reports. But the MTU is at least 1400 bytes reliably. I could test for higher, but it seems a little silly to do so.
20th Aug, 2006 00:23 (UTC)
tunneling over DNS
You've actually been able to make that work? Care to point me at whatever you used? I've tried ozymandns and some other thing with no success at all.

(The best way to defeat it from an admin POV is likely to heavily throttle DNS lookups until you're actually logged in.)
20th Aug, 2006 00:38 (UTC)
Re: tunneling over DNS
ozymandns sucks really bad. On OSX, it doesnt work with Apple's perl or with darwin-ports perl. I know ioerror has it working on one of his laptops though.

On linux, i've tried ntsx, but that was also pretty much a dud.

Instead, when on the VIA train, I try to actually get some work done by being offline :)
20th Aug, 2006 01:04 (UTC)
Re: tunneling over DNS
ozymandns is terrible, but that's because it's written poorly. I think it can be redone in a much more sensible way.
20th Aug, 2006 01:03 (UTC)
Re: tunneling over DNS
That's about the only way to defeat it. Poisoning the DNS is counterproductive. And you only really need 500 bps for DNS in the early stages anyway.
20th Aug, 2006 01:55 (UTC)
Re: tunneling over DNS
I used nstx, because there's a debian pacakge for it.

I got pings to work through it... haven't put more effort into it yet though. My thought was that the connection is good enough for me to ssh through, so that if I find that I need to use it for more, I can set up NAT and such using ssh first.
20th Aug, 2006 02:07 (UTC)
Re: tunneling over DNS
Oh yeah, that's the other thing I tried, from source and from .deb at various times. I haven't been able to get pings to work. Yeah, all I need is ssh too.
20th Aug, 2006 02:11 (UTC)
Re: tunneling over DNS
It took a bunch of fiddling to get it to work. The .deb's init scripts were a little weird and didn't really work until I figured out how to run it by hand first, then made the settings work properly.
20th Aug, 2006 02:18 (UTC)
Re: tunneling over DNS
hmm. I don't remember what my issue was but it was weirder than that - DNS traffic hitting the server but nothing coming out. Oh well, haven't had time to mess with it in months.
19th Aug, 2006 23:21 (UTC)
were you able to catch that standby?
19th Aug, 2006 23:31 (UTC)
Nope. They oversold it.
20th Aug, 2006 03:54 (UTC)
Don't you mean Trudeau, not Dorval?
20th Aug, 2006 07:16 (UTC)
I don't think I've heard anybody here say Trudeau when they mean Dorval. :)
20th Aug, 2006 03:59 (UTC)
You get cool points just for using the word "aeroport".

(Oversold flight? They can do that?)
20th Aug, 2006 04:59 (UTC)
They always do that. Most of the time, enough people miss/cancel to make up for it. But when they guess wrong and too many people show up, they'll usually ask for volunteers to take a later flight, and give them a travel voucher or somesuch.

None of this does you any good if you're trying to get a standby seat on an oversold flight, of course.
20th Aug, 2006 14:02 (UTC)
Yikes! That sucks.
20th Aug, 2006 15:14 (UTC)
It does. Flying out of Canada is now really annoying!
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