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  • 22nd Aug, 2006 at 9:32 AM

Leaving Frankfurt
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

On Saturday, it was bright and sunny and brilliant. Only, I missed my flights so it not a particularly good day. So I made up for them.

So on Sunday, I showed up again at Dorval. It was dreary, raining, and cold. I showed up early to the terminal, got my boarding pass, and went through security. Then I spent three hours finishing a book. We boarded the plane and then waited for about an hour. So I started another one.

Once we were in the air, they served us a microwaved pot-roast that was flavoured mostly by MSG. What was most notable was that everything was served in these hermetically sealed plastic containers. We hurtled through the sky as I passed out, slept fitfully, and then woke up to the most beautiful dawn. I shan't mention the kind of breakfast we were served.

I arrived in Frankfurt, picked up my baggage and wandered like a lost puppy for a while until I found the following things: a bank machine, the railway ticket office, and the right platform. Once I got on the train, things went pretty smoothly. I arrived at the train station in Wiesbaden, where I noticed walls of beautiful graffiti. I made a mental note to return to take photographs and then looked about for the buses.

After going into an underpass, I found them. I managed to get on the appropriate bus and sailed along until I missed my stop. But eventually, after asking for help in some very pidgin German, I made it to the hotel. Exhausted.


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22nd Aug, 2006 14:08 (UTC)
Off topic, but in your opinion is the Quebec smoking ban working in Montreal restaurants? I'm considering a few days vacation there in November but in the past the smoking has been a real problem for me.
22nd Aug, 2006 14:41 (UTC)
I am pleased to report that it is working gloriously well.
22nd Aug, 2006 14:51 (UTC)
Thanks :-)
22nd Aug, 2006 14:49 (UTC)
Restaurants are now smoke-free.
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