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Rain and phở

  • 23rd Aug, 2006 at 2:15 PM

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

I must have brought the damp weather with me on my flight to Germany. Ever since I've arrived, it's been raining off and on. The previous night, we had plenty of rain, which we endured by sitting under a canopy. Last night, I was taking photographs of various things when the sky opened up. I ducked into a restaurant, whose virtue was that it was very close.

The restaurant billed itself as a "Vietnam-China-Thai Bistro", but you could tell that the owners were actually Vietnamese. Quán Binh is a small restaurant, surrounded by much larger establishments. And soon after entering, I could see why. Asian food was very popular in this region. I ordered some soup (tom yum gai) and a bowl of phở bò. The soup arrived in a small bowl and looked all right. But it was distinctly lacking any chilis and the broth was not particularly fragrant. They hadn't taken the time to make good, deep chicken stock and they didn't seem to have lemongrass.

The phở was not spectacular at all. I got a sad little plate of thai basil with a small bowl of hoisin and sriracha. Those two sauces usually come in big squeeze bottles, so you can administer as much as you like. The noodles weren't the fresh kind, but the thin dry ones which were rather disappointing. And there wasn't any lime, but a lemon wedge instead.

On the whole, the service was very, very pleasant. But the food was mediocre, and looking at the area around them, I can see that other forays into oriental cuisine are going to be equally disappointing. Ah well, I guess I'll have to find something else.


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23rd Aug, 2006 19:28 (UTC)
that photo is amazing :)
23rd Aug, 2006 20:03 (UTC)
Thanks. :)

I got a bit wet taking it, though.
23rd Aug, 2006 21:00 (UTC)
That picture is really cool.
23rd Aug, 2006 21:19 (UTC)
Gee, thank you!
23rd Aug, 2006 21:06 (UTC)
You are in Germany. You should be eating schnitzel and dumplings and sauerkraut and fried potatoes and mushroom sauce and, for goodness sake, sausages.

My experiments with Oriental food in Germany have been equally disappointing. Ask either me or cloquewerk about the spring rolls we had in Saarbrücken.
23rd Aug, 2006 21:18 (UTC)
Strangely enough, the hotel keeps serving us rather decent French food. Which is about a magnitude superior to the swill we were served in Paris.
23rd Aug, 2006 21:21 (UTC)
You are sort of near to France, so this makes some sense. I've had much better croissants in western Germany than I could find in France, curiously.
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