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Chez CC GmbH

  • 27th Aug, 2006 at 5:42 PM

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

On Thursday, we had been invited out to dinner by a company. Now, traditionally, when you are invited out to eat like that, you're taken to some fancy restaurant to be seen. These restaurants exist to show that you have tons of money and very little sense. That's because the decor is often magnitudes better than the food.

I am never impressed when that happens.

So I was looking upon the situation with dread. After work that day, we gathered around a bus stop and got on. We rode around a bit until Daniel told us to all get off. Once we were off the bus, we stumbled around blindly until we found the right building on the street. A tacky restaurant stood there and I was paralized with fear. Then Daniel pointed out the office's sign.

We walked into CC GmbH and were greeted by happy looking employees who offered us drinks. We had some rather good conversation and then we were called to dinner. I was going to put my hat back on again, when someone in an apron emerged from a room.

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Aha! Something promising.

The cafeteria was laid out in curtains and cutlery and candleabras. Not your average corporate lunchroom, I assure you. Most striking was the well-appointed kitchen tucked in one corner of the room. A professional oven, range hood, dishwasher, and sink. Plus three refrigerators, two of which were thermostat-controlled. Things were looking good!

The menu announced a "South African Dinner" which excited Mark. People went about busily lading out soup and dressing it. It was excellent, with good flavour and a simple garnish of salmon on a spoon. Although I am a bit of a stickler for what cutlery comes out with your plates, I have to say I was pleased.

The salad came out next, which was pretty but had a bit too much dressing. But the main course was fantastic, with plenty of new flavours to try. Train smash is my new favourite sauce.

But the most beautiful thing was dessert. Just look at it. You can't help but drool.

I was stuffed by the end and very impressed. It was certainly the best meal I've ever had at a conference, and I have to say that everyone else agreed with me. I'm getting hungry just writing about it.


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27th Aug, 2006 22:31 (UTC)
I drool.

I wish I could make flavour explosions.

28th Aug, 2006 17:54 (UTC)
28th Aug, 2006 00:47 (UTC)
I second the drooling. (That is, after I figured out that "candlebras" wouldn't come in a 34 B-cup. ;) )

28th Aug, 2006 17:54 (UTC)
Whoops. A typographical error, I assure you.
28th Aug, 2006 00:52 (UTC)
CandleAbra. A candlebra would be hilarious.
28th Aug, 2006 01:59 (UTC)
mmmm that dessert looks delicious! and I just happen to have some blackberries here, so I'll pretend :-)
28th Aug, 2006 17:55 (UTC)
Yay, blackberries!
28th Aug, 2006 10:47 (UTC)
You never mentioned what the main course was, and I'm curious as I've never eaten South African food.
28th Aug, 2006 17:55 (UTC)
I forgot what featured in the main course. Their names did not appear to be English. There were some rather tasty things on the plate, which I can no longer recall.
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