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Flying home

  • 28th Aug, 2006 at 11:29 PM

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Flying out of Germany was a lot more pleasant than flying in.

I spent the morning writing postcards and licking stamps. The stamps in Germany are pretty cool. Deutsche Post has vending machines next to many of their postboxes that will sell them to you. You select the kind you want, put in the right money, and a dot-matrix printer starts squealing away. You then fetch them out of a chute below. I'm sure I got a million diseases by licking them, but sacrifices must be made.

Since it took me hours to write out my mail, the sun had come up by the time I was done. I had a quick shower, packed my belongings, and said goodbye to the hotel. I was much more used to Germany, so I didn't get lost when I took the bus, nor when I took the train. It let me out at the aeroport, where I cleverly remembered where the post box was. Off into the wide world went my postcards.

I checked in for my flight, which involved queuing up for the baggage scanner. They had an X-ray machine in front of the check-in counter, which was hooked up to a digital imaging system. That way, they only had to briefly scan the luggage and could examine the bag in detail without blasting it with radition. Clever! Plus, it was colour-enhanced. The lady operating the machine let me look at her display and I got to see the insides of my suitcase. I then loaded it on to the scale where it was automatically weighed and sent via a clever series of belts to the luggage area. There was even a machine to position it properly for going down the chute.

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Inside the aeroport, there are plenty of interesting things. For one, they've kept one of those old electro-mechanical timetables, which makes that characteristic clicky-click noise once heard all over the world. They also had a Goethe bar in the centre of the departures area, which I thought was a wonderful pun.

I took some photographs in the boarding area, but we were soon on the tarmac. We walked up to the back of the plane and filed inside. There, I found my seat next to Milley, a girl from Montréal who is now working in Toulouse. We had an excellent conversation before I passed out from exhaustion.

She kept on waking me up for meals, which was both nice but tiring. By the time I got back to Montréal, I was so exhausted that I was slightly delirious. I helped a nice couple from Frankfurt get into the Métro, they were visiting for three days, and got on the bus home.

My bed never felt so comfortable.


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30th Aug, 2006 06:25 (UTC)
Hey Simon
Hey Simon,

It's Gab from Yulbiz dropping in to say hi. This was funny, by the way: "I'm sure I got a million diseases by licking them, but sacrifices must be made."

Good to have you back from Europe!

30th Aug, 2006 12:55 (UTC)
Re: Hey Simon
Hey! It was great meeting you.

Hope to see you soon.
30th Aug, 2006 10:37 (UTC)
Do you remember the ones in CDG, Paris that had the same clickety-clacky timetables that change almost every 5 minutes and are so huge? Those are classic, and stylish as well. No wonder they don't replace it with LEDs.
30th Aug, 2006 18:25 (UTC)
Yes! Except the ones in Frankfurt were in poor repair. Various letters would stick, or fail to stick.
17th Sep, 2006 12:29 (UTC)
More Montrealer in Toulouse?
17th Sep, 2006 16:20 (UTC)
Yes. But she doesn't like it there. She's going to move to Ireland one day.
18th Sep, 2006 08:06 (UTC)
Did she mention anything in particular?
18th Sep, 2006 14:30 (UTC)
I don't think so. It's just that France wasn't for her.
18th Sep, 2006 14:34 (UTC)
Definitely isn't for everyone, that's for sure.
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