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Letter from an occupant

  • 30th Aug, 2006 at 3:31 PM

Dear Lazyweb,

I am tired and ill. But most of all, hungry. What should I do? And how?



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30th Aug, 2006 19:36 (UTC)
30th Aug, 2006 19:40 (UTC)
Oh man, that looks amazing.
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30th Aug, 2006 20:06 (UTC)
30th Aug, 2006 20:07 (UTC)
Excellent advice.
30th Aug, 2006 20:13 (UTC)
Millions of peaches, peaches for me. :)

Can you tell what I got in my sick-girl grocery delivery? I'm surprised at how yummy peaches are even though I'm all sick and stuffed up, though. Yummy peaches. I think I'll go have another.
30th Aug, 2006 20:32 (UTC)
Re: Peaches!
Mmm. Peaches, Ontario peaches, are pretty much perfect this time of year.

I made a batch of peach ice cream a while ago. Maybe there's still time for more?
30th Aug, 2006 20:43 (UTC)
Phone for delivery? A wide variety of pizzas, spit-roasted chicken, imitation Chinese food, and more are only 10 digits away.
30th Aug, 2006 20:55 (UTC)
Oh, if only I knew how. And if only the food weren't mediocre!
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30th Aug, 2006 21:20 (UTC)
drink chicken soup? i got your postcard today and it's so beautiful. i owe you one from france now. i'm sorry the stamps made you sick!
31st Aug, 2006 00:25 (UTC)
That would be wonderful! Postcards make the world a brighter place.
30th Aug, 2006 22:13 (UTC)
After eating, make some tea. It helps, I swear.
31st Aug, 2006 00:26 (UTC)
What does it help with?
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31st Aug, 2006 00:45 (UTC)
1. Buy chicken from romados.
2. Eat and be satisfied.
3. Make soup stock in your pressure cooker from bones.
4. Make chicken noodle soup.
5. Eat and get well.
31st Aug, 2006 01:19 (UTC)
Maybe I will be up for shopping tomorrow? My fridge is bare.
31st Aug, 2006 01:45 (UTC)
hi, i was browsing around and i found your journal interesting.
can i add you, please :)
31st Aug, 2006 02:02 (UTC)
Of course. Welcome!
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(Deleted comment)
31st Aug, 2006 16:18 (UTC)
I'll have to work a bit to get hot water now. I seem to have scorched by kettle.
1st Sep, 2006 03:32 (UTC)
I hope you feel better soon!
When I am sick I love soups and stews and also steeping fresh ginger in hot water for my throat. Also watching movies in bed helps.

Also thank you for the postcard. It was a nice surprise and also my first piece of mail in my apartment.
1st Sep, 2006 03:36 (UTC)
Yeah that was me.

Get better.
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(Deleted comment)
1st Sep, 2006 16:32 (UTC)
Re: Hellooooo
You're quite welcome.
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