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Waterloo weekend

  • 8th Sep, 2006 at 3:35 PM

Julie and Desirae
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

I go to Waterloo once a school term to hang out with people. It's good to walk the halls of your alma mater, after senility has had time to replace your memories with something fonder. In September, this visit often coincides with halfwitted's birthday party.

Driving to Waterloo was a tad annoying, as it was the long weekend, so I spent a good two hours queueing up for my rental car. They gave me this huge station wagon, as they had nothing smaller, and I drove for hours upon hours. When I finally got there, I met up with elliptic_curve who is back in the country.

She made a Thai curry and I made tabbouleh before we picked up butterbee. There was some confusion as to how to put on a toga, which was the mandatory attire, and then we were off.

Elsa Ratz
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

The night involved lots of chatting, various tasty snacks, and a surprise engagement. Well, a surprise to me at least. As the night wore on, more and more people changed into non-toga clothing, as it's awfully difficult to wear a makeshift toga comfortably. You don't know how many times I was stabbed by safety pins.

The next morning, I lazied around the place a bit. Then I helped the lovely Elsa, who doesn't even live there, do some cleaning. She is the best party guest ever!

That evening, I crashed cypherpunk95's housewarming party with elliptic and butterbee. It just so happened that da_lj was at the previous affair, so I was happy and shocked to see him. It's a small, small world. We were shown around the house, I lounged about in a huge cast-iron bathtub, and made eyes at their new stove. Now we're cooking with gas!

I bumped into Justyna, who I chatted with for a while. And a few professors from Waterloo. Then I noticed some guy walking around with a Nikon F-series. It was only after some conversation that I realized that I just met tracer99 and Laura. I've been following their lovely photographs for a while, which made me very pleased to meet them.

We drove butterbee and her boyfriend back home, before going back to elliptic's place. I had to sleep on the floor, which was cold, but was snuggled my favourite kitty in the world. So I suppose everything turned out fine.

Elliptic and I drove to Montréal, avoiding one group of frosh to see another. We proceeded lazily, stopping at Arby's and Real's Truck Stop, making terrible time. But it didn't matter, we were going back to civilisation.


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8th Sep, 2006 20:03 (UTC)
nice hooters ;)
8th Sep, 2006 22:49 (UTC)
Amanda wants me to tell you that Minou is insulted!
8th Sep, 2006 22:52 (UTC)
That is because Minou is egotistical. She also only uses me for my coat and to sharpen her claws. Both traits are cute, but only when it happens to someone else.
9th Sep, 2006 01:50 (UTC)
Hmm. I may call upon your assistance when looking for accommodation in Waterloo in November. Maybe you can suggest a B&B.
9th Sep, 2006 05:17 (UTC)
I've never actually stayed at a hotel or such in Waterloo before. Couch-surfing has always been my friend.

If you don't mind driving around, the Best Western in St. Jacobs is nice. They offer free Internet access. This was important back when I was there for work, but I think it's a tad more expensive than your standard dive.
17th Sep, 2006 12:36 (UTC)
Mmm, Arby's...
17th Sep, 2006 16:21 (UTC)
Do you have one near where you live?
17th Sep, 2006 16:24 (UTC)
Um... No.
17th Sep, 2006 16:30 (UTC)
You keep on moving further and further away from them.
18th Sep, 2006 07:56 (UTC)
True, but I'm closer to beaches with almost naked stunning women. I guess it's only fair that there's no Arby's.
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