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2004 Ottawa Linux Symposium Day 0

  • 21st Jul, 2004 at 9:08 AM

I'm sitting in the Mezzaine of Les Suites typing this up. There's no Internet connexion in our room, which is sad, but there's free wireless in the lobby.

Yesterday, Julie and I drove up with the two Peters to Ottawa. We checked into Les Suites and got comfortable in our rooms. Then we registered for the conference, picked up some proceedings (heavy!) and headed off for dinner.

We went to Bangkok Thai, which Julie thought was the restaurant she had liked before. It turns out that if we wandered a little further, we would have discovered Royal Thai which is the restaurant we actually wanted to go to. No matter, we'll just go some other time.

After this, we did some more wandering and then showed up at Patty Something's, and met up with a bunch of hackers. I met up with Kamil from Waterloo who is working at Xandros, Billy Biggs, and Carlos O'Donnell. Having little inclination to get drunk, I decided to leave with Julie to walk about town. We took some interesting photographs on her new digital camera, and then went back to the hotel room.

Avery crashed in our lodgings since the Desktop Developers' Conference has just finished. He'll be leaving soon, and I should head off to the conference. I suspect there are is not free continental breakfast at this hotel, so I should scrounge something up. Well, something in addition to a day-old donought that I saved from yesterday's road trip.


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21st Jul, 2004 17:06 (UTC)
royal thai is delicious.

paddy boland. that's probably it.
25th Jul, 2004 23:03 (UTC)
Ah, I didn't think you were in Ottawa this term so I was a little surprised to see you at the Royal Thai, this evening.

I guess that conference would explain it.

You didn't seem to recognize me, though.
26th Jul, 2004 01:52 (UTC)

Oh man, I'm sorry about that. I think I might have heard my name at dinner, but I was tired at it didn't really click.

We were in a rush to eat so that we could get on the road. It would have been nice to chat with you though.

Maybe next year?

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