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  • 15th Oct, 2006 at 11:53 AM

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

When life gets busy, I stop posting to LiveJournal for some reason. I suppose that after a long day, it's just too much effort to write prose and edit photographs. Which is sad.

So to tide you over, here's a photograph of autumn. A little bit of serenity in the middle of busy North York.


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15th Oct, 2006 16:00 (UTC)
Gorgeous work.
16th Oct, 2006 09:57 (UTC)
Thank you.
15th Oct, 2006 16:05 (UTC)
That is a beautiful photo.
16th Oct, 2006 09:57 (UTC)
Thanks a lot! You do good work as well, you know.
(Deleted comment)
16th Oct, 2006 09:57 (UTC)
That's what you get for moving to a place that's perpetually summer. :)
15th Oct, 2006 20:07 (UTC)
That picture is wonderful.

Don't feel sad about being too busy to post... it happens to everyone :-)

You can always post about the highlights later, once things calm down.
16th Oct, 2006 09:58 (UTC)
Oh, but things never calm down, do they? ;)
16th Oct, 2006 00:22 (UTC)
I've always admired your photos, especially since I try very hard to take good ones and most often fail.

I also would like someone to take some nice photos of me soon. Not modeling or anything, just so I have something updated and I realized I don't have many photos of myself. Very few are really nice.

My other friend promised to take a few but keeps getting waylaid as he is even busier than I am.

If it is ever convenient for us to meet one morning or afternoon on a weekend, would you mind taking a photo or two of me?
16th Oct, 2006 09:59 (UTC)
I myself am awfully busy. Most of my portraits are ones of opportunity.

But I'll be in town a bit in early November. Would you like to try for then? E-mail me, please.
17th Oct, 2006 03:33 (UTC)
This is by far one of my favorite photos you've taken.
17th Oct, 2006 05:26 (UTC)
Thanks. I liked how it turned out.
18th Oct, 2006 20:04 (UTC)
NYPL in da house
That is a lovely shot of Mel Lastman Square. I spent many afternoons with my best friend in grade 6 wading in the water for change. We'd then go in and buy candy.

18th Oct, 2006 21:02 (UTC)
Re: NYPL in da house
I spent all of my time at Central Library when I was growing up in North York. And I totally abused their reservations system so I had a steady flow of books every day.
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