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  • 16th Oct, 2006 at 5:20 AM

I just want to admit that I lied today.

You know how I ran up the stairs and rammed my shoulder into the overhanging balcony? Well, I knew that I had become a photographer then when I instinctively cradled the camera instead of catching my fall.

And when I said I was fine? The bruise that's developing seems to indicate otherwise.


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16th Oct, 2006 14:07 (UTC)
And that, my friend, is why I asked you to be the official BarCampMontreal photographer! ;-)
16th Oct, 2006 14:47 (UTC)
For my pain tolerance? Nice.
16th Oct, 2006 17:04 (UTC)
I knew that I had become a photographer then when I instinctively cradled the camera instead of catching my fall.

As a fellow photographer, I have to say you made the right choice.
16th Oct, 2006 17:42 (UTC)
Thanks, that means a lot to me.
16th Oct, 2006 17:33 (UTC)
*hugs* Hope it doesn't interfer with your ability to hold the camera :-)
16th Oct, 2006 17:42 (UTC)
I'm really stoic.
16th Oct, 2006 19:09 (UTC)
The difference is that the state pays for the prosthetic arm, but not your camera... ;)
16th Oct, 2006 19:43 (UTC)
Gentlemen, we can rebuild him.
That is worth considering, as it aches a great deal.
18th Oct, 2006 03:57 (UTC)
Dude. Ow. Hope the camera's OK and you feel better. Great meeting you this past weekend.
18th Oct, 2006 05:35 (UTC)
The pleasure was all mine. I'm always happy to meet a fellow photographer.
18th Oct, 2006 20:59 (UTC)
Oh Simon! I hope your arm feels better soon! And I also noticed that you wrote this at 5:20 AM... If the arm's keeping you awake, try tiger balm? If it's work, well... I have no useful suggestions!
18th Oct, 2006 21:03 (UTC)
It's a bit better now. But that weekend was crazy hectic.
22nd Oct, 2006 00:18 (UTC)
And how does it feel to come out clean? ;-)
22nd Oct, 2006 00:34 (UTC)
My shoulder still hurts, so not significantly better.
22nd Oct, 2006 10:26 (UTC)
This thus demonstrate that the shoulder is not the "seat of the soul"!
22nd Oct, 2006 15:07 (UTC)
Maybe it's the liver?
22nd Oct, 2006 15:25 (UTC)
12th Dec, 2006 12:03 (UTC)
hi simon,
i've just become a member of this, and the reason i did it is because i found a poem of mine on the livejournal poetry site, i eat poetry. so, seeing as how you are one of the people responsible for 'funny business' i'm emailing you because i was wondering how my poem got there. i mean, i suppose someone put it there, but i was wondering when, and how?
no great drama, but perhaps you could explain the process, i'd appreciate that
maria zajkowski
12th Dec, 2006 15:34 (UTC)
Re: poem
Welcome to LiveJournal! I hope you find it interesting.

The greatpoets community lets anyone write an entry once they have joined as a member. The group has open membership, so anyone can join.

Your poem seems to have been added on 13 March 2006. I hope that you're not offended that someone like your poem enough to want others to read it. These days, it is even difficult for libraries to encourage people to discover poets and poems, so it gives me some small hope that people read poetry here.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.
13th Dec, 2006 10:25 (UTC)
Re: poem
thanks for the info. hell no i'm not offended. it's nice to know that people do read things and take it in. of course they do, but with so many people in the world, how would you ever know?
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