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  • 21st Oct, 2006 at 8:16 PM

I'm at BarCampMontreal right now, taking photographs, giving a talk, heckling, and such.

There are still a few hours left. You should come.

At least to protect me from gorbash_dragon's minions.


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(Deleted comment)
22nd Oct, 2006 06:17 (UTC)
It's primarily a gathering of thinkers and doers who get together and show off what they've done and inspire each other.

There's a positive computer geek bias, but there are lots of people who attend who are neither. You're in California, so you should totally watch for BarCamps down there.
21st Oct, 2006 23:59 (UTC)
"No spectators, only participants!"

Clearly Burners are involved -- or Burnerish sensibilities at least.

Why am I only finding out about this an hour after it's over? :(
22nd Oct, 2006 06:18 (UTC)
Don't worry. There will be another one.
22nd Oct, 2006 00:42 (UTC)
Say hi to my friend Heather, she's there! :-)
22nd Oct, 2006 06:16 (UTC)
Small world! Kokoromi seems like tons of fun.
22nd Oct, 2006 07:28 (UTC)
For sure! And I didn't know Freezepop were in town. They're from my old digs (Boston). We have to get around to that coffee soon! :-)
(Deleted comment)
22nd Oct, 2006 06:21 (UTC)
There are now photographs online. A journal entry will appear as soon as I get some much needed sleep.
22nd Oct, 2006 06:03 (UTC)
I wanted to attend BarCamp, but I had nothing to contribute. Hope you had fun!
22nd Oct, 2006 07:16 (UTC)
Surely you must do something exciting that could be presentable. I encourage you to participate the next time!
22nd Oct, 2006 11:10 (UTC)
dammit... i'm in SF now. Missed this one...

Next time... I will bring my chemical flasks... Maybe make some plastic...
22nd Oct, 2006 15:08 (UTC)
That would be excellent!
23rd Oct, 2006 01:11 (UTC)
Ubuntu 6.10
Totally off topic but...

I got here from some random ubuntu site and read about your 6.06 party at utopik. Are you in for a 6.10 party??
23rd Oct, 2006 05:39 (UTC)
Re: Ubuntu 6.10
I am definitely considering a 6.10 party. Stay tuned to MLUG, FACIL, Ubuntu-CA or Ubuntu-QC mailing lists for details.
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