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Adventures on the TTC

  • 30th Dec, 2006 at 4:33 AM

I just came back from the most exciting morning.

Friday afternoon was a lot of tame fun. I had phở at Pho Hung with makemyway and springbird. Then we did some shopping, split an amazing veal sandwich from California Sandwiches, and ate a salad for dinner. That was pretty normal.

So was our trip to Lula Lounge. Makemyway and I went there to see jedward play with Samba Elegua. They're an amazing act! The crowd was dancing and laughing, well some of it, which was great for Toronto.

We left relatively early so that I could swing by Makemyway's house to pick up my camera. I had forgotten it there the night before. As I left her place, I realized that I had left my credit card at the lounge. So I tried to remember how to get back, paid my bill, and stepped outside. The band was packing up their gear, so I was able to say goodbye.

I was walking east when I noticed two people huddled in a bus shelter. I poked my head inside and asked where they were going.

You see, they were waiting at a Dundas stop for a streetcar. After hours. Which meant they would be spending a very long night in freezing weather. I surmised they weren't from Toronto.

Rodrigo and Francesca are actually visiting from Brazil. And they hadn't worn enough layers. I walked with them to College where we waited for a while, ducked into a convenience store to warm up, and caught the blue-night streetcar going east. I asked the driver to let them off at Jarvis, which is where there hotel is.

I bid them farewell as I got off at the Yonge stop. Soon, the bus came north and a group of us boarded. Most of the passengers were a bit unruly because the bars had just let out. When we got to Eglington, a whole bunch of people got on the bus. They had been kicked off the previous bus, which we saw as we drove past. I asked a girl what happened and she explained that a guy got angry at some other guy and punched out a window. There were about four police cars surrounding the abandoned bus.

Since our bus was quite crowded, I did the only thing I could think of: randomly chatting with strangers. This passed the time until my stop came up. A very drunk man said goodbye to his friends and exited with me. I walked with him for a while and we struck up a conversation. It seems that he is doing an anthropology degree at York.

This didn't explain why he had misplaced his hat in one of his friend's pockets. Or why he hit on every girl on our way north. Or why he had difficulty opening his front door, which I passed on the way back home.

Wasn't that an exciting series of adventures? So exciting, in fact, that now I'm wide awake! It's a good thing that I'm good at falling asleep.


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30th Dec, 2006 18:11 (UTC)
You're a good citizen, Simon! Those poor freezing Brazilians! ouch!
31st Dec, 2006 02:23 (UTC)
It's good to help out travellers! Nice folks have aided me whenever I've been stuck in foreign places, so you have to pay it forward.
30th Dec, 2006 19:32 (UTC)
I chuckle that one can buy something like veal sandwiches at a place called "California Sandwiches". I've *never*, not once in 15 years, seen veal on a menu here -- and certainly not on a sandwich! :)
31st Dec, 2006 02:24 (UTC)
I have no idea why an Italian sandwich place would name themselves that. But whatever they're called, they make delicious sandwiches!
30th Dec, 2006 20:04 (UTC)
Ah, the northbound 97 blue night mobile drunk tank. Fun times.

Curiously the College car was almost never full of angry drunks when I lived there, no matter the time of night. It seemed to serve a different demographic. Perhaps people who actually live in the city?
31st Dec, 2006 02:24 (UTC)
It's probably all the bars along Yonge. They're not very respectable.
2nd Jan, 2007 19:02 (UTC)
Dude, you're famous:

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* Upload to edgy-updates, the theme installer crasher fix has been tested
by Simon Law

2nd Jan, 2007 19:03 (UTC)
Hey man, it's my job to be famous! :)
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