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Winter storm

  • 6th Jan, 2007 at 4:07 AM

Rain in the headlights
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.
What does it mean?

What does it mean
when it's ten degrees out
on a January night
in the city of Montreal
in the great white north?

What does it mean
to look out your balcony
at a cloud hanging low
like a mist or a fog
and it's raining softly
and it's warm on your face?

What does it mean
that the birds are still here
and the squirrels
who should be sleeping
are thin and wild
and the barren maple trees
are starting to bud?

What does it mean?

Simon Law
6 January 2007, 4:06.
Montréal, QC.


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6th Jan, 2007 12:15 (UTC)
It means we've screwed up and we need to do something about it.
6th Jan, 2007 15:40 (UTC)
Where are we going?
And what are we doing
in this handbasket?
6th Jan, 2007 17:58 (UTC)
time to strap a sign to your torso and warn people of the end of times?

I'm going to trust what every professional sane person is saying here and go with El Nino. This isn't unheard of.
6th Jan, 2007 18:52 (UTC)
Just to chime in, as I sit here typing the temperature outdoors (as well as indoors, since I have the windows open) is 21°C! I removed the ornaments and lights from my Christmas tree this morning, which I suppose is appropriate, but this weather makes it feel so odd.
7th Jan, 2007 03:58 (UTC)
It's 60F in New Jersey. The daffodils are even starting to come up.
7th Jan, 2007 17:14 (UTC)
dwd. we share a birthdate.
7th Jan, 2007 17:29 (UTC)
We do! Isn't that grand?
7th Jan, 2007 18:36 (UTC)
it is ;)
8th Jan, 2007 02:22 (UTC)
My crocuses are growing. The squirrels that are not hibernating will at least have something to eat.
3rd Mar, 2007 02:29 (UTC)
2 months later
So, it'd be nice to go back to early January and tell people then that we'll have a 40cm snowfall in the beginning of March. I was pretty despondent about our warm winter at the time of this poem, and now it seems like our concerns were really unfounded.
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