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Back in Waterloo

  • 15th Dec, 2003 at 2:23 AM

My girlfriend is the best.

That's why I drove eight hours to get her back to Waterloo this Saturday. Hertz seems to be a decent rental company, they got me a nice Taurus Wagon with which to stuff all of her Montréal posessions within. I think I bought her too much stuff, because when she moved we had a smaller vehicle….

We ran some errands with my friend Adeel and his girlfriend. Having an automobile is incredibly convenient in a town like Waterloo, where public transit is plain awful. The roads were unplowed and there was a good five centimeters of slush cum ice on the ground. This made for slippery going.

I decided that it was probably a bad idea to drive back to Montréal today. I called Hertz and they were very understanding of my need to avoid smashing up their car on the icy 401. Tomorrow, the roads should have been plowed for all the commuters, and I can safely return.

Man, I hate driving.


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18th Dec, 2003 00:30 (UTC)
Who's your girlfriend?
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