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Postcards from Norway

  • 20th Jan, 2007 at 4:35 PM

My suitcase is packed and I'm about to head out the door to Oslo, Norway. I'll be there for a week, helping out with the hacking on the next release of Ubuntu.

So, my classic question: who wants a postcard? Leave your name and address in a comment below, which is screened for your privacy.

Sadly, my last postcard mailing was a little slow. Perhaps I'll have better luck this time? Don't fret if you don't receive your postcard right away, I won't have forgotten you..


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20th Jan, 2007 22:19 (UTC)
Have fun in Norway! And don't worry about sending a postcard. We'll be happy to have you in person for tea at some point when you're back!
20th Jan, 2007 23:08 (UTC)
That would be lovely!
20th Jan, 2007 22:24 (UTC)
20th Jan, 2007 23:08 (UTC)
Eep! Sorry about that. It's fixed now.
20th Jan, 2007 22:25 (UTC)
Postcards are good
ME! Do you still have my addy?
If not I won't leave it here cause it's not screening.
20th Jan, 2007 23:09 (UTC)
Re: Postcards are good
Is this address still valid?
21st Jan, 2007 01:48 (UTC)
I tried calling you earlier today but there was no answer. I think I only have your home number.
21st Jan, 2007 14:29 (UTC)
Oh dear. Please feel free to call my cellphone at +1-514-839-4887.

You may also opt to contact me over the Internet. My contact details are listed in my user info.
21st Jan, 2007 02:59 (UTC)
I always love postcards... :)
But I'll be coming to visit in about 3 weeks!
21st Jan, 2007 14:30 (UTC)
Yes, with any luck, I'll be in the city! :)
21st Jan, 2007 03:04 (UTC)
Have fun in Oslo! I was there in 2004 and thought it was a pretty interesting place. Send me a postcard if you like, but don't worry about me if you don't have time. (I'm less militant about places I've been. :) )
21st Jan, 2007 14:32 (UTC)
Right now, it looks a lot like downtown Toronto. All the spaces here are really small, as you might remember. And modular, like IKEA.
21st Jan, 2007 05:11 (UTC)
Me Me Me!

Nathalie and I would love a postcard, and just so it's not all one sided I wrote you one the other day and it's sitting on my desk waiting for me to get off my ass and go to the post office. Have fun in Oslo, feel free to hit New York whenever you like :)
21st Jan, 2007 14:34 (UTC)
I will take you up on that, I'm sure.
22nd Jan, 2007 07:23 (UTC)
Have a good trip and good luck with the Ubuntu release.
22nd Jan, 2007 20:39 (UTC)
Thanks! I will.
24th Jan, 2007 04:44 (UTC)
I am so jealous of you. I hope you have/are having an amazing time in Oslo and get to experience good eats.
25th Jan, 2007 03:03 (UTC)
Norway is not well known for its cuisine, but I'm having a reasonably good time. I shall see you in February when I return to Toronto, I hope.
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