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Standard deviations

  • 18th Mar, 2007 at 10:46 PM

madamewoo and I have some very interesting conversations around the apartment. But tonight, we noticed that we often fall into the same patterns about certain topics. Topics where we are at our wittiest.

Since she's been procrastinating about STAT 231, we justified drawing a pie chart. Statistically, it's completely and utterly valid, I assure you.

Apartment #8: a pie chart
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

If a reality television producer saw this, we'd make five-thousand easy!


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19th Mar, 2007 03:16 (UTC)
19th Mar, 2007 04:18 (UTC)
(Deleted comment)
19th Mar, 2007 05:46 (UTC)
Thank you!
19th Mar, 2007 03:47 (UTC)
If racial slurs > boys, boys, boys, then not so much money from the networks. Can you adjust for the tv censors?
19th Mar, 2007 03:54 (UTC)
I TRY to talk more about boys, but that's where Simon comes up with "I'm so sick of hearing about boys!"
(no subject) - sfllaw - 19th Mar, 2007 04:18 (UTC) - Expand
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19th Mar, 2007 04:57 (UTC)
What??? Gaysians don't get their own slice? Or are they covered by boys,boys,boys/racial slurs?
19th Mar, 2007 05:43 (UTC)
Actually, the topic has severely diminished over the past couple of months.
(no subject) - madamewoo - 19th Mar, 2007 13:49 (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - chief1ic - 19th Mar, 2007 14:55 (UTC) - Expand
19th Mar, 2007 05:10 (UTC)
One of my roommates is black. I'm sure if I included "racial slurs" on our pie chart, the slice would be at least that big.
19th Mar, 2007 05:45 (UTC)
My roommate is québécoise, which provides for hours of endless entertainment. :)
(no subject) - madamewoo - 19th Mar, 2007 13:47 (UTC) - Expand
(Deleted comment)
(no subject) - sfllaw - 19th Mar, 2007 17:55 (UTC) - Expand
19th Mar, 2007 06:27 (UTC)
Is "you're so dorky" usually you directed at her, or her directed at you?

Also, nice blocking of the Sharpie logo...did they not pay the product placement fee in time?
19th Mar, 2007 13:49 (UTC)
what else could it be? OF COURSE it falls like this:

Me: "You're so dorky Simon!"
Simon: "Stop mocking the things that make me happy!"
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19th Mar, 2007 06:31 (UTC)
Also, what racial slurs? Gay asian?

My favorite right now is blaming * on the jews, which is ironic and funny because I'm in a largely islamic, jew/israeli banned country. So e.g. blaming traffic here on the jews, expired food in the fridge on the international zionist conspiracy, etc. is always fun. And were one of my neighbors to overhear, it would not be considered bad.

Especially fun is blaming arab v. arab problems on the jews, but I can't take credit for that, as they've been doing it for years. So e.g. blaming slow government services on the jews is perfect.
19th Mar, 2007 13:47 (UTC)
Um... not to be lacking in a sense of humor or anything, and not to blame or criticize you: — but actually I find that pretty horrifying. O_o
(no subject) - octal - 19th Mar, 2007 16:27 (UTC) - Expand
19th Mar, 2007 08:39 (UTC)
haha! this is awesome, and ridiculously similar to conversations i have with friends.
19th Mar, 2007 18:25 (UTC)
Even though we've never met, I now feel a strange kinship with you.
(Deleted comment)
20th Mar, 2007 07:29 (UTC)
I love pie charts almost as much as I love pie.
19th Mar, 2007 12:01 (UTC)
the icon says it all :)

I bet nearly everyone has an amusing (or bitter) story about stats in university.
19th Mar, 2007 18:25 (UTC)
What's yours?
(no subject) - baprime - 19th Mar, 2007 18:42 (UTC) - Expand
19th Mar, 2007 12:06 (UTC)
Excellent executive summary of your appartment. No need to visit now. :0
19th Mar, 2007 13:44 (UTC)
yeah, you weren't invited anyways, JERKFACE! :O
(no subject) - sfllaw - 19th Mar, 2007 18:25 (UTC) - Expand
19th Mar, 2007 13:32 (UTC)
19th Mar, 2007 18:18 (UTC)
19th Mar, 2007 14:27 (UTC)
I can't believe 'fashion arguments' have such a huge chunk of this pie when a man is involved.

You disgust me!
19th Mar, 2007 18:17 (UTC)
You have no idea how many times I have to say "yes, that outfit looks fine" before we can get out the door.
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21st Mar, 2007 01:19 (UTC)
HILARIOUS. You are both too awesome.

I don't have time to check LJ often anymore or comment, but the few times I've read your entries I am way too amused.It looks like you've been having a lot of fun and I am happy for you. You make me want to write!

26th Mar, 2007 00:46 (UTC)
You should write! Not only is it tasty, it's also nutritious.
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