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Playing around

  • 15th Aug, 2004 at 2:11 AM

I got to do some more WvStreams hacking this week, which I'm fairly happy about. In fact, we're about to post a snapshot of WvStreams 4.0. This version will have a lot more stuff in it, and the snapshot will let us release our other Free Software with some nice improvements.

I also decided to get my desktop at home working in some optimal way. After doing some minimal fiddling with my system, I seem to have gotten something relatively decent working in GNOME. Ah, if only I could resize windows in Metacity with M-<right mouse>. Here is a gratuitous screenshot:


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15th Aug, 2004 12:13 (UTC)
Window resizing
To resize windows without using the window borders, drag with the middle button whilst holding Meta (or whatever key you've configured). Also Meta-left button will move the window.
15th Aug, 2004 13:31 (UTC)
Re: Window resizing
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