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BarCamp Montréal 2

  • 22nd Apr, 2007 at 5:22 AM

Happy camper
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

BarCamp Montréal 2 is coming up soon. Yup, our second big full-day unconference is happening next Saturday at the SAT. We're bigger and better this time, and we'd love to have you show up.

What is BarCamp Montréal? It's an unconference. It's a gathering of active, interesting people who want to get together and share our experiences. It's for individuals and groups, artists and technologists, young and old. Nominally, there's an Internet-technology feel because that's what BarCamps around the world have traditionally done. But because Montréal has such a vibrant arts scene, we've also got talks that are about anything and everything.

So how do you participate? Well, you can't just be a spectator. Nope, unabashed consumption is not our way. Show up on Saturday and give a presentation on a project that you've been working on. Or show up a little early and help us set up. Or stay late and clean while chatting with the exciting people you've met. We want you to be part of our community.

We've got fifteen-minute presentations ranging on exciting topics like:

  • Taking good photographs
  • Building “Web 2.0” applications
  • Online multi-player games
  • Lasers
  • East-asian culture
  • Starting a company

Have you got something to say? Or something to show? I hope so.

Now that I have you convinced, you're going to want to know how you (and your interesting friends) can attend…

BarCamp Montréal 2
Saturday, 28 April 2007
9:30 – 18:00
Societé des arts technologiques
1195 boul. St-Laurent
Free admission

( Sign up | Upcoming | Google Maps )

See you there!


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22nd Apr, 2007 12:29 (UTC)
Can I come to barCamp with you and Madame Woo?
Are the talks aloud to be non-technology related?
22nd Apr, 2007 14:14 (UTC)
Yes, you may. And yes, they are.
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22nd Apr, 2007 15:55 (UTC)
You will have one of these when I'm not working to a tax deadline sometime, won't you?
23rd Apr, 2007 11:56 (UTC)
Oh yes, I hope so.
22nd Apr, 2007 18:17 (UTC)
Nooooooo! Collides with the Boréal SF conference!

Gonna miss another Demo Camp....
22nd Apr, 2007 21:31 (UTC)
Yeah, not too happy about all the conflicts either...
(no subject) - sfllaw - 23rd Apr, 2007 11:57 (UTC) - Expand
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22nd Apr, 2007 19:12 (UTC)
Can I be part of someone else's presentation? I don't have anything to present (except my new dog maybe) but I want to come!
22nd Apr, 2007 20:12 (UTC)
Okay I thought of something I could spend 15 minutes talking about but I don't know if it's appropriate to the event. Should I email it to you?
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22nd Apr, 2007 21:30 (UTC)
thanks thanks thanks xoxoxo
Dude... I'm not sure what to say. I'm totally stealing that picture (not really - I will attribute you). The thought running through my mind when you were taking it was "I'm gonna look like a dork." I always think it, and it is often true. This time it wasn't! The second thought I had was that if anyone was going to get a good pic of me, it would be you.

On a related note, I am looking forward to learning about how I can take great pictures. It is a failing I have often sought to improve.
23rd Apr, 2007 03:39 (UTC)
Re: thanks thanks thanks xoxoxo
Oh, hey! It's you! Sorry, I was with you and swestrup after Demo Camp 1, but I never got your LJ username.
Re: thanks thanks thanks xoxoxo - kino_kid - 23rd Apr, 2007 04:08 (UTC) - Expand
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(Deleted comment)
24th Apr, 2007 13:49 (UTC)
We tried going off to a bar after the last event, but that really doesn't work so well unless a sponsor is paying the tab. But I'm certainly going to grab a group of people and go out for dinner, you're welcome to join us.

As for hotel arrangements, we don't have a specific conference rate because we assume most attendees are local. Still, you should try any of these hostels which are near the venue.
24th Apr, 2007 17:19 (UTC)
Simon, could you tag this post with "barcampmontreal" and "barcampmontreal2", so it shows up on e.g. Technorati?
24th Apr, 2007 17:25 (UTC)
Re: Tags
24th Apr, 2007 20:51 (UTC)
so how exactly does giving a presentation work and what's the deadline to sign up?
24th Apr, 2007 22:11 (UTC)
About an hour before the presentation, I'll go through and put up a schedule.

In theory, you can sign up for a slot on the day of. Since we've never done that before, I have no idea whether that will work out. It's best if you just put down your name and topic soon.

Don't let me scare you away, though. :)
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