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The Beach

  • 16th Aug, 2004 at 1:33 PM

Yesterday, we went to Oka Provincial Park with the entire company (and a couple of significant others, too). The park was wonderfully green, and the weather was sunny and pleasant.

I got to man the barbeque for the first half of the trip. Christine Prime had made a veritable smörgåsbord of food: hummus, homemade beef patties, jumbo sausages, sauerkraut, homemade dill pickles, Yves veggie burgers, and veggie dogs. (We have vegetarians and vegans at work as well.) She and Pat also brought some of their homebrewed wine and mead as well, which seemed to go over well with the group.

After I passed the grill over to Jeff Klink, Julie and I went for a dip on the beach. The water was quite warm, but very shallow. And there were opened mussels everywhere, which gave some swimmers some ugly gashes. But Julie and I were rather lucky, and we just waded around. We got out of the lake and tried to convince Deniz to take us horseback riding.

She had a little something to drink, so we just sat on the sand for a while before she felt better. Then we drove around, got lost, and finally found the stables. Sadly, we arrived an instant too late, as another group had got on the last ride of the day. So we contented ourselves with looking around the farm. We watched some foals eat hay with their mothers, and then we got to pet a very friendly barn cat. Finally, we saw some friendly horses who like being pet on the head. I never knew they were this big!

We left a little while later, so that we'd be back for loading our stuff. But first, we grabbed their brochure. Packing was quite a bit easier than unpacking, since everyone chipped in and helped. We then loaded ourselves in the cars and drove back to the office.

All in all, I think it was an excellent trip that went off smoothly. Christine deserves a medal for preparing such good food, and making all the necessary arrangements to get there and back.