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Rheostatics' last waltz

  • 14th May, 2007 at 8:27 PM

Hey Simon, asked dwiseman, how would you like to go to a concert?.

I could tell she was really excited. She'd gotten tickets to the Rheostatics concert at the end of March. (So I'm a tiny bit late in writing this up.)

I wasn't very familiar with their music, but I was happy to go along. After all, I like Dee and I like concerts, so how could I lose?

When we got down to Massey Hall, in downtown Toronto, people were crowded at the front doors waiting to get in. It was their last ever concert, so the huge venue was packed with fans.

We made our way down to the front, right smack in the centre. We looked behind us and noticed some people wearing VIP badges. We'd gotten seats in front of friends and family!

The concert was beautiful, the encores amazing, and the love of the audience was quite evident. People shouted, thank you! and we love you! during the many, many applauses.

Anyway, here are some photographs.

Martin Tielli
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Dave, Don, and Tim
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Michael Phillip-Wojewoda
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.


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15th May, 2007 01:02 (UTC)
The Rheostatics are (were) awesome.
15th May, 2007 07:34 (UTC)
Yeah, so I discovered.
15th May, 2007 01:18 (UTC)
You scored a VIP pass for the final 'Statics show???!!! You bastard!

I would've crawled through glass to be there. After NOMEANSNO, they're my fave Canadian band.

Mind you, I've heard the soundboard recording of the show, and it wasn't their best show by a long shot. Tielli's voice was seriously shot. I wonder if he was just sick, or if he's actually somehow screwed up his voice? If the latter, it might explain why the band called it quits.

Nice photos, BTW.
15th May, 2007 07:33 (UTC)
I believe that they apologized for him losing his voice. I think he got sick.
15th May, 2007 04:28 (UTC)
Awesome pics for an awesome band.
15th May, 2007 07:34 (UTC)
15th May, 2007 11:24 (UTC)
I saw the Rheostatics warm up for another act at a Waterloo show... in the fall of 1981.
15th May, 2007 20:06 (UTC)
I wasn't even on this continent at the time.
15th May, 2007 13:22 (UTC)
glad you went. they're canadian rock giants, and gentle ones at that.
to bad no canadians have every heard of them.
15th May, 2007 20:06 (UTC)
They were pretty darn good, I have to admit.
15th May, 2007 20:08 (UTC)
hey. sorry I didn't call you back. I got sick and just recently recovered. I might have some time on sunday?
15th May, 2007 20:42 (UTC)
Alas, I will be gone for two weeks. I'll call you when I return.
15th May, 2007 20:45 (UTC)
awww. well sorry again. we'll work it out.
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