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Easter egg hunt

  • 16th May, 2007 at 12:01 AM

One of the things I like about Toronto is that they have a bustling flashmob scene. I know we have a flashmob movement here in Montréal that has zombie walks and such. But Toronto has newmindspace.

When I missed their fête dans le métro in April because I was in Toronto, I wasn't going to miss their next event. An Easter egg hunt!

So I showed up at Lori and Kevin's place to help write messages and stuff hundreds of plastic eggs.

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Easter eggs
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Then on Easter Sunday, we went hunting. I started out at Yonge and Bloor where I bumped into a guy and two kids who were looking lost. I reassured them that the hunt was on and we started out west. On the way, we met up with other hunters who had started in the other direction. When we hit Bathurst, we turned around and tried the other side of the street. For people who aren't from Toronto, here's a handy map.

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Broken half
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Good hunting
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.


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16th May, 2007 04:48 (UTC)
these lil eggs made my day.
16th May, 2007 06:07 (UTC)
Yay! :)
16th May, 2007 07:11 (UTC)
For the record, posts like this are why I wanna go photoroaming with you. :)
(Deleted comment)
16th May, 2007 18:06 (UTC)
Thanks! :)
16th May, 2007 18:05 (UTC)
Your photographs are great already!

But the next time I'm in Waterloo, maybe we could arrange to meet up?

Until then, just find someone in town with a camera and go walking! It's tons of fun.
16th May, 2007 13:16 (UTC)
The girl on the right in the stuffing picture? I know her.

Small World.

She's dirigiblegerbil
16th May, 2007 18:06 (UTC)
Wow! That's awesome.

I'm going to friend her now.
16th May, 2007 20:00 (UTC)
dude. you know Nitsa *and* Jedediah? neat!

i don't know that i'd put newmindspace events in the same category as flashmobs... newmindspace wrote a piece about that recently that explains why better than i could.

also, nice to meet you again :)
16th May, 2007 20:32 (UTC)
Yeah, I know them both. Do they know each other?

I think that people use flashmobs to describe a wide range of public space activities now. Since I'm a descriptivist when it comes to vocabulary, I'll keep on using that tag so people can find this article. :)

It's great meeting you again too. Small world, isn't it? ;)
17th May, 2007 00:37 (UTC)
i don't think they know each other... i know Nitsa though Moxy Fruvous related stuff, and Jedediah through newmindspace related stuff. though the cultures surrounding Moxy Fruvous and newmindspace are similar in a lot of ways. very different in a lot of ways too... weird canadian folk band vs. electronic music loving fun fur covered frolic purveyors ;)
17th May, 2007 02:26 (UTC)
I would so LOVE to be involved in big, public activities like that. Ottawa is so much less cool than any other city.
17th May, 2007 07:53 (UTC)
There is nothing stopping you from kicking something like this off!

I recommend thinking of something fun and simple, like Pillow Fight Club, and spreading the word through LiveJournal.
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