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My summer break — June

  • 13th Sep, 2007 at 2:19 AM

Before I knew it, summer had hit full swing. June's when stuff really starts happening in Montréal. That streets fill with tourists, people who show up to poke and gawk at how strange and beautiful everything is here. Native Montrealers try to ignore them—you can tell the tourists apart because they aren't half as stylish as the locals.

The beginning of June also marks the beginning of the Fringe Festival. Which is where we start off our little photo journey.

Packed bags
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Rachelle performed during the Fringe and I happily volunteered to take some photos of her, and her teddy, for an upcoming play.

We met at cpirate's apartment, where we did a few shots. Then we hijacked an old suitcase and this is what we got.

Bike musician
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

A few days later, I was walking down the street and ran into a crowd of people riding down Rachel for Clean Air Day. At one intersection, I saw a man with a harp, a panflute, and a bike riding around in circles.

“How novel,” I thought as I pulled out the camera.

Make a wish
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

The Fringe isn't all about independent theatre, though. You've got people who spin around fire at dusk. That's always particularly exciting. I caught the S. Vestas as they were wrapping up a performance in Parc des Ameriques.

Cameras really love fire poi.

The happy couple
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

One of the zanier acts is Hanakengo. For the past two years, Hana has had quite the crush on Zack Winters, going to the “prom” with him and then marrying him. Don't they look so cute?

Demolished building
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

After all this excitement, I needed a brief respite. What better way than to hang out with my fellow Debian developers in Edinburgh? Scotland is a lovely, rainy place that loves their deep-fried cuisine, real ale, and peaty whiskies.

And what do you know? I did too. Well, except for all that fried food. I felt pretty horrible after a week of that.

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

I returned to Canada only to head off to another geek conference. At OLS, held in Ottawa, I finally got to interact with a real working OLPC.

It's really, really small. And really, really cute. Unfortunately, this one was pretty broken as it was being hacked on.

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

One of the finer points of the geek conferences that I attend is that I manage to attract geeks who are also into fun. This year, a group of us took a break from the various talks on virtualizing machines to enjoy a spot of tea.

I highly recommend it. The Château Laurier is simply gorgeous.


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13th Sep, 2007 07:53 (UTC)
I love your photos, as always. Especially the fire! O:-)
13th Sep, 2007 08:05 (UTC)
Thank you!

But I'm not sure what your halo is for. :P
13th Sep, 2007 13:52 (UTC)
Simon, your photos and explantaions really do stand out. Nice to peek at what you are up to as well.
13th Sep, 2007 14:20 (UTC)
Aw… thanks. Have things started to get cold where you are? It's certainly quite chilly over here now.
14th Sep, 2007 12:26 (UTC)
It's good to hear what you have been doing. I'm sad to say I'm not actually very good at updating my journal with all of our wandering about.
If you don't have a chance to see us in T.O. Maybe we can hop on the bus sometime and get a chance to see you.
14th Sep, 2007 13:28 (UTC)
Boston, Costa Rica, they all sound very exciting.

It would be lovely to have you guys up in Montréal! But not this month, I'm terribly, terribly swamped!
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