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You know summer's over when Picnik stops running.

Where else am I going to get my fix of scenesters flirting shamelessly, DJs giving lessons, and dogs who want nothing but to play fetch?

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.


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7th Oct, 2007 07:11 (UTC)
omg! you actually wrote about something happening THIS MONTH!!!!
7th Oct, 2007 07:19 (UTC)
I'm playing catchup.

At some point, I might even get far enough ahead to write about the future. :)
7th Oct, 2007 07:15 (UTC)
you two should both head south for the winter and come visit me!
7th Oct, 2007 07:20 (UTC)
I don't know if I could manage it, but I'd love to try.
7th Oct, 2007 17:11 (UTC)
aww. sad puppy.

i can't even recall the last time i went on a picnic. it seems every warm season comes and goes... all the while i have the desire to go on a picnic, and yet it never happens.
7th Oct, 2007 22:16 (UTC)
You just have to do it. Once someone starts picnicking, everyone else soon follows.
10th Oct, 2007 05:58 (UTC)
Off topic here ...
I'm planning to come to Montreal for Con-Cept this coming weekend. The only catch is that I have yet to find any crash space, as it is certainly too late to book a hotel room -- and I can't afford one on my tight budget.

Any suggestions welcome (though I assume your place is out of the question, due to your roommate's feelings, etc).
11th Oct, 2007 14:47 (UTC)
Re: Off topic here ...
It's a little bit crowded when I already have one guest, so having more is going to be difficult.

I'd look into CouchSurfing, as that seems to have a pretty good reputation in town. You may want to try a youth hostel, those are pretty cheap and some of them may have rooms still available.
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