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Lake of dreams

  • 7th Oct, 2007 at 9:48 PM

Before it gets really dark and really cold and really full of last-minute tourists, I'd highly recommend going down to the Botanical Gardens and take a look at the lanterns.

There are more of them this year and they're done quite nicely. If you've picked up an Accès Montréal card, you can even get in gratis.

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.


8th Oct, 2007 02:53 (UTC)
I believe that while the lanterns are up, you have to pay even if you have an Access Montreal card, unless you get there fairly early - before 5pm, I think.

But I agree it's definitely worth seeing.
8th Oct, 2007 06:12 (UTC)
Well, the sun sets just after 18:00 now, so it's not too long of a wait.