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Montreal Girl Geek Dinner #1

  • 27th Nov, 2007 at 2:27 AM

Heather Kelley, of Kokoromi fame, was the speaker at the inaugural Montreal Girl Geek Dinner.

I showed up to La petite marche last week, armed with my trusty camera. I sat down, had a very decent meal, and then we heard Heather talk about her recent projects.

This included mention of gamma 256, which is best described as a giant party to showcase independently developed games. There will be electronica bands on stage, video games to play, and plenty of cool people to talk to. It's happening this Wednesday, at the SAT, from 21:00.

Many thanks to Tanya McGinnity for organizing the dinner!

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Kokoromi collective
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.


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27th Nov, 2007 14:44 (UTC)
.... sfllaw is a girl geek?
27th Nov, 2007 15:09 (UTC)
An honorary one.
27th Nov, 2007 16:59 (UTC)
He makes a pretty good one!
27th Nov, 2007 17:00 (UTC)
28th Nov, 2007 02:42 (UTC)
OMFG this sounds incredible. Number one? There will be others? Is this public?
28th Nov, 2007 04:08 (UTC)
Yes, it is public. There is a Facebook group with a website soon to come.
28th Nov, 2007 04:16 (UTC)
You are one step ahead of me Simon.

Thanks for posting the awesome photos and for your attendance at the event.

Glad to see that more people are getting interested in the group although I do think that if we had a referral program, you'd be making a mint off of all of the people who are participating in the group thanks to hearing about it from you.

Again.. I must say - You ROCK!

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