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Akoha off-site

  • 7th Dec, 2007 at 11:22 PM

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

We are back from a trip out in the country. This time, the Akoha developers were there for a crunch week, which involved hacking away like madmen to get crazy amounts of work done. Overall, I'm pretty happy about how we did.

Unfortunately for you, dear readers, what we did for work is all hush-hush.

Fortunately, you get to hear about other things. Like how I am sick as a dog. I woke up this morning, crawled downstairs, and managed to work only a couple hours before having to crawl back into bed. I have to admit, though, it was a sweet, sweet bed. I only wish I could have enjoyed it without a headache.

Now don't let me give you the wrong impression! We had a marvellous time out there. There were plenty of things to do during the day and after work!

I'd start the day by stoking the fire, to take the chill off the morning air. We might look at the birds as we munched on breakfast.

I caught the cat trying to catch a fat little squirrel who was nibbling on fallen birdseed. Sadly, it escaped.

One day, after lunch, we went snowshoeing up a hill. After fifty centimetres of snowfall, it was clean and crisp and just plain gorgeous up there.

Across the lake
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

And then there was the food! Café Massawippi did an amazing job catering our trip. These have been the best off-site meals I have ever had. But photographs are far more convincing than words, I'd bet.

Foie gras
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Sponge cake
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Chicken supreme
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.


( 27 comments — Leave a comment )
8th Dec, 2007 05:27 (UTC)
It's...it's outdoors. I haven't seen outdoors in so long.

Your pictures are making me very homesick for New Brunswick in the winter.
8th Dec, 2007 05:37 (UTC)
The outdoors is lovely right now. Just cold enough to be snowy but warm enough to be enjoyable.
8th Dec, 2007 05:34 (UTC)
Oh man, I just heard my stomach grumble. What is that green stuff with the chicken?
8th Dec, 2007 05:36 (UTC)
That is mashed potato with basil.
8th Dec, 2007 05:56 (UTC)
For the record- I would practically kill to have view like that out my window right now - I miss the snow!
8th Dec, 2007 13:49 (UTC)
We have tons of it, right now. Come by and take some home! :)
(Deleted comment)
8th Dec, 2007 13:49 (UTC)
Even the ones about partying all night? :P
8th Dec, 2007 06:47 (UTC)
I grew up not too far from there.
In fact, I used to work with people from the nearby theatre, and I've canoed that lake. There are also (likely) ski trails in the woods around you that my family and friends built.

Welcome to the Eastern Townships.
It will devour you.
8th Dec, 2007 13:53 (UTC)
Surely the Eastern Townships are like New York, in that they are nice places to visit.
9th Dec, 2007 04:02 (UTC)
exactly. Nice place to visit. Don't piss off the locals. One day, I'll tell you the tall and ribald tales of my dark youth.
8th Dec, 2007 09:22 (UTC)
There seem to be a lot of smeared blobs accompanying your food? Abstract impressionism?

Looks wonderful, glad you had a nice time despite being sick. Currently listening to the sweet potato truck. Makes a whistling noise at it drives thru the neighbourhood to alert potential customers. Sounds like an air raid siren.
8th Dec, 2007 13:54 (UTC)
Impressionism or nostalgia for the 90s. I can't really tell.

Does the sweet potato truck sell roasted sweet potatoes? Because that would be too awesome.
15th Dec, 2007 10:57 (UTC)
yes, it does, the yellow kind. "satsuma imo", 薩摩芋
8th Dec, 2007 09:37 (UTC)
Ok, inasmuch as i harangue about winter - and my dislike thereof - i have to admit that the first picture you posted did give me a twang of homesickness.

Don't tell anybody. :P
8th Dec, 2007 13:54 (UTC)
It'll be our little secret.
8th Dec, 2007 14:49 (UTC)
That's the most desirable-looking crunch week I've ever heard of!
8th Dec, 2007 18:28 (UTC)
I think we all agree that crunch weeks are great. The entire development team seems to be in favour of working hard.
8th Dec, 2007 16:55 (UTC)
oh my.
8th Dec, 2007 18:28 (UTC)
8th Dec, 2007 17:47 (UTC)
Sorry you're sick. I just got over my illness, and Heinous just got it. Maybe this way we can all be better for Christmas?
8th Dec, 2007 18:29 (UTC)
That would be great! Since I'm going on a road-trip, being ill would be the worst plan.
8th Dec, 2007 20:41 (UTC)
you're making me hungry... and get well soon!
9th Dec, 2007 03:25 (UTC)
Thanks! I'll try.
9th Dec, 2007 03:16 (UTC)
I know I've been too focused on chemistry lately when I see the pictures of the food on the plates and I see those zests and smears as orbitals....
9th Dec, 2007 03:25 (UTC)
OK, you need to take a break now.
10th Dec, 2007 04:29 (UTC)
Everything looks good, except that green stuff with the chicken--reminds me of baby diarrhea. Honestly, I think food sometime can get a little too conceptual...
10th Dec, 2007 06:21 (UTC)
Perhaps it can. There's no end to what people will try, though.
( 27 comments — Leave a comment )