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Family vacation

  • 21st Dec, 2007 at 11:16 PM

Attention people from Washington, New York, and Boston!

I will be in your fair country for the holidays and would love to see you. Let us go out, dance in the streets, and shovel delicious food in our faces while laughing heartily.

Road trip itinerary:

22 – 23 December: Washington, DC
24 – 28 December: New York, NY
29 – 30 December: Boston, MA
31 December: Montréal, QC

Send me an e-mail or an SMS or even call me up! For your stalking convenience, my cellphone number is +1-514-839-4887.



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(Deleted comment)
22nd Dec, 2007 04:40 (UTC)
Absolutely! Will novalis be in town too? I haven't seen him in a long time.
22nd Dec, 2007 09:32 (UTC)
Sadly I'm on the wrong coast.
23rd Dec, 2007 03:21 (UTC)
Oh! That is too bad. :(
22nd Dec, 2007 17:22 (UTC)
have a wonderful trip, and merry xmas, happy holidays, etc.
23rd Dec, 2007 03:21 (UTC)
Thanks! You too!
23rd Dec, 2007 03:19 (UTC)
swing by bangkok!
23rd Dec, 2007 03:21 (UTC)
That's a little out of the way, isn't it? Especially by car.
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