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DemoCamp CUSEC 2

  • 9th Jan, 2008 at 8:09 PM

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

It’s been a long time since I’ve written about our local unconferences, but a neat one coming up is DemoCamp CUSEC 2. It’s attached to the Canadian Undergraduate Software Engineering Conference, which is being held in Montréal again.

Last year, I did a demonstration on how to cook an omelette, with it being a metaphor for software engineering. This year, I’m going to do something more prosaic and run a round of Powerpoint karaoke, under the guise of getting people to practise their presentation skills.

Or it will be a convincing argument against its use.

Show up if you can! Present something you’ve been working on! (There are still some slots left.) It’ll be exciting.

DemoCamp CUSEC 2
Thursday, 17 January 2008
19:00 – 21:00
Centre Mont-Royal
2200 rue Mansfield
Free admission

( Sign up | Google Maps )


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10th Jan, 2008 16:46 (UTC)
wanna come to my ice skating party on friday jan 18th? it's actually just watching ice skating on tv, but there will be treats and fun!
10th Jan, 2008 17:16 (UTC)
That could be fun! I have nothing planned that day.

Although maybe we could go ice skating? That would be fun too!
16th Jan, 2008 17:47 (UTC)
probaby another time i'd love to do that. anyhoo if you still want to come to my welcome-back-taylor-housewarming-iceskatewatching-funtime party, email me at traingonesorry@hotmail.com and i'll give you my address.
10th Jan, 2008 17:18 (UTC)
You inspired me to go find out when the next one in Ottawa is... but I found out that they seem to do them all on Mondays, and I need to hit things those days, so I probably won't make it out to one 'till the summer.

Perhaps I could day-trip to Montréal. I'll bet I could make the 17th if I went and got an ISIC card this week so I could get cheap bus fare... hm...
10th Jan, 2008 19:09 (UTC)
Oh, hitting things. That sounds like fun!

But a day trip to Montréal sounds like a good idea. Ottawa is not too far away.
28th Jan, 2008 03:12 (UTC)
Thanks Simon For Plugging Us! :-)
Thanks Simon :-). Your Friend, John!
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