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Ultimate spring rolls

  • 13th Jul, 2008 at 12:15 AM

Ultimate spring rolls
Originally uploaded by Simon Law.

Get them at Ben Thanh Viet Thai in Cambridge, Ontario.


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13th Jul, 2008 04:30 (UTC)
Um, the caption still says "Ice Water", which may be less than the accuracy you are striving for.
13th Jul, 2008 04:58 (UTC)
It’s more surreal that way.
13th Jul, 2008 05:47 (UTC)
I'm hungry.
13th Jul, 2008 13:54 (UTC)
Yeah, so am I.
13th Jul, 2008 06:56 (UTC)
Wow, those look good enough to make it seem worthwhile to be in Cambridge, Ontario.
13th Jul, 2008 07:00 (UTC)
The secret is you don't really have to be in Cambridge, you just have to be passing by on the 401.
(Deleted comment)
13th Jul, 2008 13:53 (UTC)
Alas no. These photographs are from May.
13th Jul, 2008 12:43 (UTC)
We get the spring rolls every time we go to BTVT (Waterloo), but, to be honest, they're not the ultimate -- too many corners cut in the filling, and I prefer rice paper wrappers. The frying is inconsistent, too; sometimes they're too oily.
13th Jul, 2008 13:53 (UTC)
None of their branches are as good, since they are missing the strict quality control of the original.
13th Jul, 2008 21:48 (UTC)
At first I was going to cry to you about all the good food being in Montreal, but then I noticed they're in Ontario! Yay! I must check these out next time I'm visiting my family back home.

(it's good to see you posting, btw)
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