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Snail mail

  • 17th Sep, 2008 at 3:30 AM

We’ve been stuffing envelopes all week!

First shipments
Originally uploaded by Akoha.

The first Akoha Starter Kits are in the mail. We don’t know exactly when they’ll show up in mailboxes, but we’re pretty confident that the postal service will get them to you.

I wrote a little message on the first four envelopes for testers who test-ordered from us. Then my hand cramped up. (Ow.) But we still want to thank all of you for playing Akoha and sending us your feedback!

We’ll be stuffing more envelopes and doing more shipments soon. Although we can’t promise exactly when they’ll show up, don’t worry, we’re working as fast as we can!

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(Deleted comment)
18th Sep, 2008 01:02 (UTC)

No papercuts yet!