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Toronto, then Paris

  • 23rd Dec, 2008 at 4:58 PM

I’m leaving in about an hour for Toronto and will be there until 28 Dec. Torontonian friends, I’d love to see you again.

girl_tm and I are also leaving for Paris on 29 Dec until 2 Jan. Parisian friends, I haven’t seen you in a very long time and it’d be lovely to get in touch again.

To show how small the world is, we’ll be staying in a Parisian apartment, swapped with someone I met the night before he left Montréal for the City of Lights. And this apartment swap was arranged through the miracle of the Internet. For all of its scariness, it sure is helpful!


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23rd Dec, 2008 22:31 (UTC)
you know mia's in paris right?

she might be in berlin over new years though.
24th Dec, 2008 22:21 (UTC)
Hey Leigh, I was going to go to Berlin but am staying in Italy now due to crazy expensive flights and the fact that I am in Italy and there's no compelling reason to leave.

Why don't you come to Paris after the 5th and stay with me?

25th Dec, 2008 20:52 (UTC)
Oh no! I miss you both! :(
23rd Dec, 2008 22:47 (UTC)
ooh, paris for new year's eve?
how romantic!

best to you both! :)
25th Dec, 2008 20:54 (UTC)
Thank you!!! :)
24th Dec, 2008 02:21 (UTC)
enjoy! if you are planning a group connect time, & my schedule is in synch, i would like to try to make it
25th Dec, 2008 20:54 (UTC)
26th Dec, 2008 03:56 (UTC)
i should be able to make it :)
i have to open the store shortly (should be asleep), but i should be back up to speed by then. yay!
24th Dec, 2008 03:56 (UTC)
That's awesome, did you do the swap on some kind of apartment swap website, or couchsurfing.com, or something simliar?
25th Dec, 2008 20:53 (UTC)
I think it was Craigslist. But I’m not sure.
24th Dec, 2008 04:52 (UTC)
Have a good trip!

Sadly, I can't afford any trips like this ... the accursed bus strike here in Ottawa is causing the daily commute to work to be far too expensive.
25th Dec, 2008 20:53 (UTC)
Thank you so much!
24th Dec, 2008 19:30 (UTC)
I can be in Toronto any time this weekend. Please, tell me where, and I'll be there.
25th Dec, 2008 20:53 (UTC)
24th Dec, 2008 22:19 (UTC)
Enjoy Simon, I'm so Sorry we're missing eachother.

Go to Laduree for hot chocolate and macarons(various locations).
I had a nice dinner once at Chaupeau Melon.
Drink vin chaud at Christmas markets and ride the ferris wheel at Concorde.
I'm sure you have a museum or two lined up.

Merry Christmas to you and yours,
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