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  • 7th Oct, 2004 at 7:06 PM

Pierre has released XPLC 0.3.10 to the world. This means a little less work for me, since I've been busily Debianising it for the past two weeks or so.

In Pierre's own words, 'XPLC ("Cross-Platform Lightweight Components") is a component system that will provide extensibility and reusability both inside and between applications, while being portable across platforms (and languages) and having the lowest possible overhead (both in machine resources and programming effort).' This really means that it's a sort of contract that keeps C++ libraries sane.

It's very neat. You should try it out.


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8th Oct, 2004 19:54 (UTC)
free publicity!
Not just C++ libraries, any libraries! :-)
8th Oct, 2004 19:59 (UTC)
Re: free publicity!
You need to write this more explicitly on the XPLC website. It actually doesn't say very much that's understandable.
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