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Chance and happenstance

  • 13th Oct, 2004 at 12:22 PM

I was walking home late last night, and bumped into Carlos O'Donnell. Now, this isn't too surprising, since I knew he was going to be downtown; but it is pretty serendipitous. After all, he is visiting from Western, and at a conference. Plus, he was just about to call me at home.

So we wandered around a bit and had a good chat. Then I got home and discovered that somebody actually wants to rent the spare room in the NitiHouse. In fact, he's moved a bit of his stuff in this morning.

Finally, I got WvStreams 4.0 finally released, which makes me quite relieved. It took a long time to hammer it into a decent shape, and I hope I don't have to do anything that painful for a month yet.

Ah yes. I was walking around at night, because Mich and I went up to find the horse ranch where I lost my hat. For future reference, they are Kanesatake Trails at 450-479-1206. If you're ever in the Oka region of Québec, see if you can ride there. Their horses are very nice.


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14th Oct, 2004 00:18 (UTC)
Huzzah! That's lots of good news at once!
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