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Another round of interviews

  • 15th Oct, 2004 at 8:07 PM

Here I am hacking on a manual for WvStreams, as I travel by train to Toronto. That's actually a layover for my trip to Waterloo. We're heading down there to hire another round of co-op students, this time for Winter 2005. Along the way, we'll feed and water them (for a much deserved mid-term break.)

However, I'm not really heading down this early because I like Waterloo a lot. I'm actually going down to visit some friends. Of course, I have to see Julie and she's graciously offered her couch and living room to me. Then I can also see ringzero and Adeel. I hear Kevin Fong is making a turducken for his dinner party, and I will be very happy to attend. In fact, I'm bringing some Montréal bagels to some ex-patriots who must endure Ontario bagels.

Oh yes. Before I hopped on the train, I showed Carlos around a small subset of the city. We went into some used bookstores, and he was able to procure some travel souvenirs. Unfortunately, my weakness for used books revealed itself, and I couldn't help buying a couple along the way. In my defense, they were purchased as gifts for others.

Anyway, I'll have to do a little NITI meet and greet on Monday, so if you want to see me, and don't want to tie yourself down to an actual schedule, you should show up at the University Club after 9pm. In fact, if you show up before, you can also apply to get a hacking job, or mooch off some free food.


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16th Oct, 2004 00:19 (UTC)
1) No! Not... *turducken*!!

2) Point of order: "expatriates" means people exiled from their country of or place of birth. "ex-patriots" means people who used to love their country, but no longer do.

3) So with all this talk of Montreal bagels, I don't suppose there's one there for me to find out what all the fuss is about? (heard about the bloody things from three separate people by now, and *still* haven't gotten to try one!)
16th Oct, 2004 00:53 (UTC)
1) Yes!

2) I believe that all three people for whom I'm bringing bagels no longer love their pays. Of course, we are quibbling over a technicality, are we not?

3) I only have a limited supply, and they're actually frozen. You're really just going to have to resort to visiting Montréal sometime.
16th Oct, 2004 02:31 (UTC)
Yeah, I was just nitpicking while waiting for my soup to be done. It still isn't :(

Hell, even if it's only the hype, I want to know and be able to say, "I've tried them, and I don't know what all the fuss is about." Come on, not even half? I'll exchange it for some vareniki w/ cherries... I doubt you've tried those recently!

(And turducken is still wrong.)
16th Oct, 2004 17:14 (UTC)
Oof. If you're going to just complain about them, you might as well go to the mecca, try the freshest bagel and do that. I'm not going to feed you sub-standard bagels and then have you go around campus saying that they're bad.
16th Oct, 2004 17:45 (UTC)
Curses. Foiled by my own convincing arguments.
16th Oct, 2004 14:42 (UTC)
Sweet! I'll see you at the party, Simon! ;)

I'll be making some other stuff to bring to the party...particularly for people who will die by eating the Turducken *cough*Snuggles*cough*
16th Oct, 2004 17:24 (UTC)
Oh, I didn't know that about Snuggles. I'm sure you'll bring something delicious though.

Alas, I'll be unable to make any substantial contribution, since I don't even have a kitchen here anymore.
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