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  • 17th Oct, 2004 at 11:44 PM

I'm sitting in front of the television, beside ringzero and Dwayne. I think I'm ignoring Superman; the Space Channel is doing a tribute to Christopher Reeve.

I've just reviewed all of my notes for the interviews. Now I'm bored out of my mind. Julie's gone to do some homework and all I'm doing now is trying to hack. But failing, sadly. Maybe I should spam some forums to advertise our information session. I hope lots of people take advantage of our free food.


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18th Oct, 2004 05:26 (UTC)
If I didn't have a midterm during the session, I'd take advantage of the food.
18th Oct, 2004 05:29 (UTC)
Not applying, though?
19th Oct, 2004 17:35 (UTC)
Not this term... Montréal is too cold. (so I think now. I must be not desperate enough at the moment even though interviews aren't going exactly well...)
18th Oct, 2004 18:05 (UTC)
Why do they do a tribute to people when they are dead ? They show 2 superman in a row because the actor is dead. That is not fair.
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