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I'm waking up far too early for my own good. How do I know this? It's still dark outside. This reminds me of getting up for choir practice, but this is a digression I will not take.

The reason I'm such an early bird is that we have a crop of interviews starting at 0900h, and if I don't get up this early, I'll never dig through all of my e-mail in time. Plus, I figured that I'd meet Kevin O'Keefe and denizsarikaya and give them moral encouragement. (They start at 0830h.)

Last night's information session was great. Lots of people showed up, and we got to encourage them to apply for jobs. Plus, I figure that my karmic imbalance of mooching off free food has been restored, as I have helped feed hungry undergrads. People seemed generally pleased to be there, and I hope we made a good impression on most of them. Happily, many old NITI co-ops were there, and I got to hand out drink tickets like there was no tomorrow.